For someone who’s often on the move, meditation is a hard thing for me to do. It’s no wonder the monks rest atop mountains to think, reflect and focus. It’s not easy down here on the ground for the rest of us!

The other day I was in exercise class, hoping that the teacher’s music would be inspiring to withstand an hour of power sweating. But before the music even began, I made the decision to find something inspiring in the kind of music she offered. So instead of relying on what I considered an external impulse for my happiness, I decided to be happy about whatever came. And you know what? I really liked it. It was an amazing mindshift from lack to abundance based on one decision.

It got me to thinking about meditation, mindfulness and gratitude, which are all rolled up into one neat ball of fuzzy compassion. What if we were to adopt a meditative spirit to everything we do?

The key is in harnessing your thoughts and really looking at them. If I had decided this particular teacher never provides great music (which I have been known to think in the past and yes! I was right. Funny how that works), I would have placed myself in the mindset to look for some way to be right about that too.

We can convince ourselves of anything, really. We can talk ourselves into and out of things as easily as putting on a pair of socks. But are we willing to look beneath what we are trying to convince ourselves ~to really see our ultimate truth?

Taking on a meditative approach allows us to be open to what is really happening in the moment.

  • Feel the breeze on your hands and cheeks.
  • See the light slant through your window.
  • Hear the birds singing their song.
  • Taste your own courage…or fear.
  • Smell those roses.

Do all these things without judgement. They are neither good nor bad. They simply are. As you absorb them into your being, notice how your full acceptance sets you free. Without resistance you have entered the kingdom of your own self-made heaven.


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