Sometimes in order to appreciate what you have, you must walk away from it for a while. Your every day life, from which you depart whilst on vacation, for instance, is a beautiful thing because it gives you structure, which gives you meaning. And with meaning you can move mountains.

It’s that simple. 

Is it necessary to drive 1,000 miles, only to discover that everything you were looking for was right in front of you all along? I think so. Human nature is like that. We’re hunters, gathers, explorers. We need the thrill of the chase to feel alive. But oftentimes we overlook the fact that the very thing we are chasing is well within our grasp. 

Life is funny like that. 

When life seems meaningless, flavorless, colorless, we make decisions based on that view. When life is vibrant, dashing, magnificent, we choose a different path. But note there is no difference between the two: the world remains the same either way. It is you who has changed.

Getting a change of scene can fundamentally shift how you view the world. That’s why travel is so good. It opens up your awareness for something new. 

Change leads to growth. Without resistance you would not move an inch. Think of how you build your muscles. You need resistance against which you can test them time and again. So when you are met with resistance, embrace it like the friend it is. It is teaching you to grow stronger, to become a true believer in yourself, your abilities and your life. 

We may not always get what we want, but when we live as if what we have is more than enough, then guess what? 

It is.

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