What would you do if you had a chance to live part of your life all over again? Would you reverse the hands of time to do things differently?

Touchback, a new movie being released in select theaters on April 13, 2012 starring Brian Presley, Christine Lahti and Kurt Russell, asks that very question.

The movie plays out in a rural Midwestern town in which star quarterback Scott Murphy (played by Brian Presley) sustains a debilitating knee injury while scoring the winning touchdown during the state championship. Sacrificing his college football scholarship, he leads a life of quiet desperation as a farmer until he gets the mystical chance to return to his life in 1991 to live it all over again.

While the backdrop of the movie is football, it is really a story about community and the love of place. Can we not bloom where we are planted and play the hand we’re dealt? The movie challenges us to examine ourselves and the lives we lead. 

One of my favorite lines comes from the head coach (played by Kurt Russell) in which he says: “You know what the future is, Scott? The future is just a bunch of what you do right now strung together."

As Power of Slowers, you may want to ask yourself what are you doing right now? Because what you do now will inform your future. In the case of the character Scott Murphy, he is acutely aware of the impact his choices will make the second time around.

Time fades into the background in this movie as the characters struggle with finding their place, happiness and purpose where they are. The future melds with the present as the wiser Scott Murphy, in a teenage body, resists making the same mistake all over again.

In a phone interview, Brian admitted to me that he has hit rock bottom in his own life. As a former quarterback who played in the state championship for his own high school team, Brian knows the curveballs that life can throw you. When asked how he has dealt with moments of regret, he suggests that honesty and faith in a higher power can get you through. “Those times are what I call the ‘storms of life’,” he says. They are the places of great richness and wisdom as we humbly learn our lessons in life. The times he has felt most rewarded were those moments when his eyes were directed outward toward how his efforts could positively impact other people. When he felt the lowest, it was when his focus was directed inward at himself, living a self-centered, empty lifestyle. 

The power of choice runs rampant throughout the movie. How we choose to do things and, more importantly, how we choose to view things means the difference between seeing how green our grass is or how much greener everyone else’s is.

Touchback conveys the true message of community, love for humanity and being at peace with the decisions we make. It is a story about belonging, yearning and learning that our truest purpose resides within to be lived out to the fullest the very best we can.


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