Public speaking. Most people would rather die than get up in front of a group of more than one person and say something. Anything. Bueller. Bueller?!

Heather Wolf gave it a whirl when she realized how much fun teaching others to juggle for fitness purposes truly was.

"Like many people, I have a fear of public speaking," she told me via e-mail. "But when I found my passion for teaching people to juggle for fitness, I had no choice but to face my fear, get up in front of people and speak. At first I thought I'd pass out, but I was surprised to find that, because I was passionate about the topic, I actually enjoyed speaking in front of people."

Ah! The power of passion! It makes us forget ourselves, placing us in the flow or the zone or whatever you call it for yourself. Flow is a great way to live in a time-suspended state, if only for a little while.

"I still get nervous at times," Heather admits, "but once I start sharing the benefits of juggling with others and teaching them a fun form of fitness, I feel that I am making a difference and that is more important than anything. Now I have taught and spoken in front of hundreds of people at a time, and even feel comfortable doing national TV appearances."

Heather has moved from struggle to juggle and that's just awesome.

According to the Mayo Clinic Web site, exercise can help improve symptoms related with depression and anxiety by increasing our core body temperature and releasing 'feel-good' brain chemicals such as endorphins, both of which have a calming effect.

Stretching ourselves, mind, body and spirit, really does help us grow. As you know, things in a growing state thrive. So what things can you do to move from fear to fun?

If you struggle with public speaking, Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization that helps people with their speaking skills. Give it a try. Maybe start by tossing a ball or three in the air. You'll be so distracted you won't have a chance to remember there are others watching!

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