Why Ghosting Is Leading the World's Mental Health Crisis

Our social media bubble is about to burst. With so much information coming at us, we are quickly losing sight of the human connection it was meant to create.

Tribalism and a Way to Common Ground

If you are tired of the on- and offline vitriol inhabiting our daily lives today, consider this: we have a lot more in common than you might think.

Europe's Largest Rolling Stones Collection Unveiled

Some people spend a lifetime collecting merchandise from their favorite band. Reinhold Karpp's story of his near fifty-year pursuit takes the cake.

The Art of Hygge—or Why the Danes Are So Happy

The cruel cold months of winter can bring us down. The Danes have found a way to offset that cruelty with a kinder, gentler state of mind.

Our Brains Are Wired for Inattention and Inertia

Awareness isn't easy. The fact that our brains are wired for inattention and inertia makes mindfulness that much more challenging. It's hard, but no impossible to achieve.

What’s So Great About Getting Older?

Getting older has its advantages. We learn when to stand up and when to step down.

Who Needs All These Digital Devices?

Mobile phones have changed the way we live. But can we live without them?

The True Cost of Fast Fashion

The fashion industry has adapted to our speed-of-light lifestyle, at a very high price. Fast fashion is killing us. Here's why.

Life in the Slow Lane in the Fastest City on Earth

Is it possible to decelerate when everyone else around you is going at the speed of light. Journalist Bill Powers gave it a try. And discovered you can shape society by going slower.

Asking "Why" Is a Matter of the Heart

We often ask ourselves what we are after and how to get there, but we tend to ignore the reasons why we do things.

How to Release Those Triggers

Life often serves us lemons. Our thoughts can squeeze them into lemonade.

Why Vulnerability Takes Courage

Being vulnerable can be terrifying, but when we find the courage to step out on stage, we have the opportunity to reveal our deepest secret, which is often ourselves.
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The Shocking Truth of Gadget Use

With every two out of three Americans owning a smartphone, our digital diet has expanded exponentially. The average American spends 11 hours with electronic gadgets every day.

The Timing of All Things

Our greatest failures lie not in our lack of fulfilling that which we think we should, but in our not accepting that which is.

How to Deal with Difficult Conversations

Confrontation can be scary. Here are a few ways to keep centered when having that difficult conversation you've been avoiding.

How to Thrive in our 24/7 World

Our pace of life is no longer sustainable. Arianna Huffington pleads for a new definition of success to include well-being, wisdom, wonder and community.
The Choking Game Is Not Just a Movie

The Choking Game Is Not Just a Movie

The Choking Game is a serious epidemic in today's society. Young adults in particular are engaging in self-strangulation to get a high. They are literally applying pressure to themselves (their main neck arteries) to alleviate the pressure from outside. Lifetime will air the film by the same name on July 26 at 8 P.M. ET/PT. Watch it. It could save your teen's life.

Brazil's Lesson of Failure

Although we like to win, failure has its own flavor of fabulousness when we realize how much closer it brings us to who we are. Brazil's colossal loss against Germany in the World Cup semi-finals is a great example.

How to Turn Your Fear into Passion, not Paralysis

Fear is a tricky thing. It can move us forward or paralyze us completely. It can motivate us to try harder or lead us to give up completely.

Study Says Positive Coaching Lights Up Our Brains

The sky is the limit when we think in terms of possibility.

How Our Lives Have Become Google-ized

Gadgets aren't the only way to navigate through modern life. Sometimes taking the slow road is.

The Universal Law of Abundance

Whether we have a lack mentality or one of abundance, what we think greatly impacts how we experience the world—and how it experiences us.

The Difference between Craving and Desire

Sometimes we desire things, which creates a longing. Yearning is a natural part of life. But when that yearning turns to a craving, we will never be satisfied.

The Benefits of Fear

Fear can be paralyzing—or motivating—depending on the circumstances.

The Different Meanings of Time

If you have experienced a major upheavel in your life, there is only one type of time that will help you through: soul time.

What Really Lurks Beneath Our Shadows

Our shadow sides are something we often try to hide. But what if we were to actually embrace those parts of ourselves for a fuller integration of who we are really are? The dark side holds a lot more information about our personalities than we realize.

How to Create a Positive Inner Work Life

People are more motivated by their positive inner work lives than external rewards.

Understanding Digital Addiction

The Internet has made the world available to us all. At the same time, we have begun to slice our attention into many parts, leaving our ability to remain aware of the present moment even more challenged than ever before.

Finding the Courage Through Self

The Wizard of Oz is a classic mind-body-spirit story. It instructs us as to how we can integrate all three while returning to our place called home.

Loss, Grieving and the Lessons of Goodbye

Saying goodbye is a part of life. With each New Year, we say farewell to the old. But with every goodbye comes a big hello ~ oftentimes to a life that is richer for the loss itself.