When You Can't Sleep

Insufficient sleep afflicts more and more of us - but there are better ways to fix it.

Noise Anxiety

The body is always listening.

Why Does Sleep Matter?

Life goes better with sleep.

Are Anti-Depressant Tests Worth It?

Get the right test and you'll get the right drug, right?

What Causes Alzheimer's?

A new theory of Alzheimer's demonstrates what's lacking in much of present research, plus the need for prevention now.

Never Get Out of Bed Again

Why are we moving heaven and earth so we never have to move?

Will My New Doctor Be a Robot?

Is your robodoc providing robocare?

Get Ready for Zika

Zika may soon threaten many of us, so there's lots to do.

Why It's So Hard to Fall Asleep When You're Away From Home

There's no place to sleep like home - with new challenges for travel.

Timing Power

Time rules life. You want to know how to use it.

The Healthy Three Percent?

Are we doing better?

Political Insomnia Disorder

Attention! Attention! To sleep, turn off your TV.

While You Weren't Sleeping

Sleep may be a little less than one third of life. It's required for survival and health. And at least a third of the country does not appear to get enough of it.

Is Sleep Loss Like Marijuana?

What exactly makes me hungry?

Getting Back to Sleep

Getting back to sleep and going to sleep have a lot in common.

Why Can't People Sleep?

Most of us want to sleep better - but doing what's necessary is another story.

Uninsuring Health Insurance

Who are these people kidding?

Stop Having Kids?

Like Ebola and SARS, the Zika virus is causing great fear. Fear and anxiety rarely engender good policy.

Depression Screening - What Should We Do?

The government wants every adult to be screened for depression - then what?

Using Your Body Clocks

If everyone has different body clocks, how do we get them to work together?

New Ways to Renew Your Body?

To get new results, combine old, proven ways.

What Star Wars Teaches Us About Health

Can the future teach the past?

Preventing Holiday Colds

The holidays are not the time to get sick. Here's a few ways to stay well.

Lighting Up Your Life

Dark days need bright lights

The World Sociopath Olympics

Forget the Nobel Prize. We're now ready for the Madoff Prize.

Do Stronger Muscles Mean Better Brains?

It's not what you do with muscles - it's what you did to make them.

Does Faking a Fake World Make It Real?

When "fake" means "real," what are kids to think? And the rest of us?

The Audacity of Hype

Hope often trumps hope in health care.

Dirty Secrets of Health Care, Part II: Preauthorization

For some, waste and obstruction are highly profitable.

Dirty Secrets of Health Care, Part I: Drug Pricing

American health care possesses numerous scandals - here's just one.