Are the Most Effective Antidepressants the Least Used?

Use old drugs before you forget their effectiveness
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To Do Sleep

A faster way to sleep?
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Stress, Eating and Sleep

Sleep and overeating are deeply connected.

Rating Scales Can Kill You

The gaming of health care rating systems is a public health hazard.
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What's the Best Way to Watch TV?

Are there healthier ways to watch TV?
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It's Better Going With the Dogs

The many advantages of humanity's best friend.
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"Safe" Drugs

Are prescription drugs truly safe?
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Humanity Goes Viral

Viruses and sociopaths have lots in common.
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Treat the Chart, Not the Patient

Here's why your doctor became a data entry technician.
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Fighting Dementia Through Vision and Hearing

Small changes in vision and hearing affect future dementia. What can you do?
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Trying to Lose Weight? Ask Your Gut

To lose weight, choose the right bacteria.
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Exercise: A Great Teacher

Everything you do teaches your body. Exercise teaches your body a lot.
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Give Sleep a Chance

As modern life increasingly disrupts nighttime sleep, it's really useful to nap.
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A Different Way to Treat Depression

Depression is a failure to learn. It's time to learn how to learn again.
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Why Should I Pay For Anyone Else's Health Care?

Ignoring the power of chance is poor, painful policy.
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Dementia and Cancer: the Two-Thirds Rule

Is luck the biggest factor in health outcomes?
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Purpose and Sleep

Does a sense of purpose lead to better slumber?
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Food Educates Every Part of You

Food trains every part of you—especially the ones you don't think about.
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How Much Booze Is Best?

How much alcohol is safe?
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Too Hot to Handle

What happens to us when it's too hot?
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Driving Asleep

Sleep is like food. You really need it before you take the wheel.
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How to Win at Sports

Can changing internal temperature make muscles stronger? Can biological clocks make you more fit?
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Sleep in Space

Beautiful, yes. Restful? Not so much.
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What Happens to Drugs?

What happens after drugs are released? A third get new warnings.

Rest for Success

It's not what you do—it's how you actively rest.

Steal From the Poor, Give to the Rich

The American Health Care Act is a health-care emergency.

Biological Intelligence

What ultimately will succeed—biological intelligence or artificial intelligence?

Change, Little Bit by Little Bit

Large changes start small. Sometimes they stay that way.

Is Trazodone the New Brain Wonder Drug?

Will an old, cheap drug end Alzheimer's?

Are We Dreaming All the Time?

Is dreaming truly different from wakefulness?