Where's the Beef? Ask the Bugs

Information is more than text. In your body, information is made flesh. Your gut bacteria create a lot of that information—markedly changing your health.

ADD — A Sleep Disorder?

There are diseases of civilization — and then there's ADD.

Rest for Recovery

Rest is as necessary as food to the body - whether it's treating plantar fascitis or preventing heart disease.

Does Psychotherapy Aid the Elderly?

We learn or we die. And the elderly can learn very well.

Vaporized! What to Do With Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are spreading wildly. Are they bane or boon?

Dying to Walk

Humans are walking machines. We love to walk. We love to walk and talk. But most of us live in cities. We have to walk somewhere. And that's a problem.

Unknown Unknowns And Future Health Dangers

Unpredictable Events Produce Inordinate Impact. Cue Future Health.

A Drug For All Reasons

Better living through chemistry? Not always.

Give Us A Kid Till She's 7 and We'll Have Her For Life

Food policy is health policy — especially for kids.

Alzheimer's — An Information Disease?

Memory loss or memory gain?

Time Rules Weight

When you eat may matter as much as what you eat.

Why Are We So Crazy About Drugs?

How we view, use, regulate, and talk about drugs is often nuts - for good reasons.

The New Hypochondriacs

Star Trek's tricorder is not yet coming to a home near you.

Sugar Coating Aspirin

Aspirin is being touted again as the miracle drug. Heart attacks, cancer, metastases all decline. But is it really for everybody?

How to Get Off Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills increase mortality, worsen memory, aid accidents and are more popular than ever. Shouldn't there be a clear way to get off of them?

Lifestyle in a Can

Energy drinks bring hope and hype. They may not bring health.

Trouble With Generics

Are all generics the same? Do different binding agents, dissolution formulas, packaging and absorption make a difference? You bet. Now change the generic month by month or quarter by quarter - which pharmacy benefit companies have been doing. Welcome to the new problems of generic drugs.

Winter Kills

Is winter more than the season of discontent? From Arizona to Maine, winter means more mortality. Why?

Are Energy Drinks Safe?

Caffeine can prove a useful drug. It's what you add that may cause real problems.

Can Carbon Dioxide Make Us Stupid?

We know carbon dioxide is changing the climate—but is it also changing our ability to think?

New Ways to Combat Cancer

New ways of thinking about cancer can both prevent and treat it.

Why Did I Get Sick?

Having a narrative of how you get ill can point the way to getting well.

Fake Drugs, Fake Food, Fake Everything

Why are there so many fakes? And how can we fix the mess?

This New Age of Anxiety

The truth about times like these is that there have always been times like these.

So Who's Using All Those Sleeping Pills?

Sleeping pill use is burgeoning — particularly among those never prescribed them. And many don't know what they're getting into.

Are You The Figment of Someone's Imagination?

What if "The Matrix" was correct?

Simple Ways to Live Longer

Want to add four years of life at age 85? And much more than that if you're younger?

Energy Drinks: What Do They Really Do?

Do energy drinks provide energy — or ultimately its opposite?

Rebuilding American Greatness: One Dollar = One Vote

Power Week might just become the greatest media event ever.

Where's the Guilt?

Heads I win—tails you lose.