Chancing It

Chance creates and recreates all life—including your life. And your body knows what to do with it.

Dying for Sleep

Staying awake may kill your ability to stay awake—literally.

Diet Desperation

Health or weight loss—which comes first?

The Enraged Heart

Can anger kill you?

Your Lying, Cheating Brain

Can we remember what we remembered?

Do We Know How to Walk?

Time for new rules for the road.

Why Diets Don't Work

Lance Armstrong said "it's not about the bike." He was right. And with diets, it's not about the food.


Much of the time, prevention is much, much better than cure.

Is Sleep Apnea Boring?

Don't let anyone fool you — sleep is exciting.

Globalizing Fatness

Can we reverse the "weight" of progress?

Marijuana and Tobacco—the Original Uses

Marijuana and Tobacco have a lot in common—even the way they started.

Why Do We Need Y?

What does the Y chromosome do? Do we need it?

The 400,000 Year Old Man

Mel Brooks is not the only carrier of ancestral knowledge. A 400,000 year old man has lots to tell us about ourselves—and what we might have been.

Statins—the New Numbers Racket

Health generally takes a back seat to health care. When it comes to statins, it often doesn't even get a seat.

Can a Single Dose Change Your Whole Life?

If a single dose changes the body permanently, should "doping" athletes be banned for life?

Want to Treat Depression? Get People to Sleep

Bodies need to regenerate. Sleep is a large part of that.

Make It While You Fake It

How much of herbal efficacy is placebo? And what's really inside those pills?

Cleaning the Brain

Do neurotoxins get washed out of the brain during sleep? Or is something much bigger going on?

Lust in the Dust

Sex has many uses. But for some animals, it's the end.

No Treatment? No Problem

Why is psychosis treated more in prisons than long term hospitals? And what does that do to the community?

Psychotherapy While You Sleep

Is the old dream of healing people during sleep becoming closer to reality?

Fixing Jet Lag

Fixing body clocks can fix a lot of trouble.

Deep Life

Biology is phenomenally fast - and incredibly slow. What happens when biology approaches geology? How much life lies beneath the surface?

Can E-Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?

E-cigarettes create controversy and profits - almost equally. New data argue they can help people quit smoking - but will they also promote it?

Wild Type Humans Keep Moving!

Humans are built one way. We live another way. But small changes can produce big results.

Sleeping and Driving

If you're unconscious, does it count?

Bugs In the Brain

Bugs should not be in the brain. But they are there - in the brains of Alzheimer's victims. The interesting question is why.

Medical Overuse

Just because something doesn't work doesn't mean people stop doing it - or get paid to do it.

What You Don't Know (You Don't Know)

We think we know what we know. Yet the unknown keeps creeping up—and changing everything we thought we understood.