Use Science To Show Loved Ones You Care This Valentine's Day

Want to make this Valentine's Day scientifically significant? Turn to sex and relationships science for all you need.

Stay Monogamous Using Polyamorous Principles

Polyamory isn't for everyone. But that doesn't mean there aren't useful and widely applicable guiding principles that make polyamory and consensual non-monogamy successful. Integrating consensual non-monogamy principles into monogamous relationships offers the potential for some of the benefits of non-monogamy to be integrated into the lives of many.

3 Things That Deflate Sexual Desire

Love and desire don't naturally go together. This post offers three pitfalls to avoid in order to reconcile what is required for love and what is required for desire.

Your Three Wishes for Lasting (Happy) Love

You only get three wishes for lasting love: Use them wisely.

Decoding Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is a complicated construct of great importance, particularly in the area of women's sex research.

Willingness to go Extra Mile Sexually for Partner is High

In a recent survey, individuals reported that they would go above and beyond in their relationships to keep their sex life hot and exciting for their partners.

What Predicts Men's Sexual Desire?

Men's sexual desire is often ignored, but this study examined what predicts men's sexual desire.

Single This Valentine's Day? Who Cares.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a day of despair for singles. Rather, it can be a celebration of not partnering with the wrong one!

Sexology: Is It Research or "Me"Search?

In the professions of psychology and public health (the two I'm most familiar with), many scholars admit to engaging in "me"search once in a while to spark their research curiosity. It makes sense, as many of the topic areas can easily be applied to one's own life. Conducting "me"search when your topic of interest is sex can therefore raise a lot of eyebrows.

Different Types Of Female Orgasm: The Debate Continues

There is much scientific debate about the existence of different types of female orgasm. A recent study based in evolutionary theory provides more evidence to suggest there may be two types of female orgasm: "surface" and "deep".

What We Can Learn From Sexual Response Cycles

Understanding what is happening physiologically during a given sexual experience may or may not enhance the sexual experience; but one thing is for sure, it isn't easy to understand what's "normal" when it comes to sexual response.

Orgasm Shouldn't Be The Goal of Sex . . . But Should Orgasm Be Avoided?

Karezza sex focuses on sex without an orgasm in an attempt to mend broken relationships.

Sexual Compatibility: The Importance to Your Satisfaction

Which is more important to satisfaction: Perceived sexual compatibility or compatibility of turn ons and turn offs?