This week, the National Football League will be starting their regular season and it is a very exciting time for all football fans. Therefore, I came up with the following notion about Daniel Snyder's big decision. One of the most talked about and controversial topics of this offseason was the decision by Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to not change the teams name from Redskins to something else.  Some people think the name is very offensive to Native Americans while Snyder and others argue that it is not offensive. 

I was wondering why Daniel Snyder was being so stubborn.  If you change the team name it might be a good public relations move and show that you are sensitive to others.  But, Daniel Snyder is a very crafty individual.  While other teams believe that the key to winning the Super Bowl is improving the offense or defense, Snyder knows the key to long term success in the National Football League is your team nickname.

I always encourage people to look at information differently. There have been eight teams (Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers, Packers, Giants, Patriots, Raiders, Redskins) who have won at least three Super Bowls.  While many of the National Football teams have nicknames of birds, animals, or fish, every single team that has won at least three Super Bowls their nicknames are or describe human beings. The Steelers were named after the hard working Pittsburgh people who work in steel mills.  The Packers were named after people who work in the meat packing plants.  The 49ers were named after the prospectors who migrated west to make their fortune during the 1849 California Gold Rush.  While occasionally a team with an animal name wins the Super Bowl like last year’s Seattle Seahawks, others like the Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars have never been in a Super Bowl let alone won one.

Now that we know why Daniel Snyder is so hesitant to change the name of his franchise, I thought, "why not make it a win-win? Change your team nickname so you do not offend Native Americans but keep the nickname about human beings so you can continue to win more Super Bowls."  Snyder can take after cities like Pittsburgh and Green Bay and name it after the workers that make your city unique.  You can call your team the Washington Politicians, or Washington Lobbyists.  Wait, that won’t work, for a team to have success your nickname has to be about human beings, not political animals.

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Mike Byster is the author of The Power of Forgetting.

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