After picking Germany to win this year’s World Cup, I was asked to see if I could do the same with the Tour de France. Sometimes I can find patterns in things, other times it is not that easy. I started looking at past winners and their countries and I found a couple of amazing coincidences. Even though something being odd or even should be a 50/50 proposition it is not that way at the Tour de France.

If you call our country United States of America, 27 of the last 28 winners have been from countries with an odd amount of letters in their name. The only exception to this rule from 1986-2013 was 2010 when a cyclist from Luxembourg won the event. And even though Lance Armstrong was officially stripped of his titles, if we just look at the actual winner of the race, 13 of the last 17 winners of the Tour have an odd numbers of letters in their last names.

Speaking of Lance Armstrong, if you switch around the letters or anagram his first name Lance you would get CLEAN. I am sorry Lance, but just because anagramming your name spells CLEAN, you were anything but CLEAN during your victories. If you anagram Armstrong you get GRAM SNORT. Uh oh, was there anything else going on there besides steroids? 

If we go back to the odd amount of letters in the country and last name to help us pick a winner, there is only one of the top racers that fit the criteria. Richie Porte of Australia, congratulations, you will win the 2014 Tour de France.

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Mike Byster

Mike Byster is the author of The Power of Forgetting.

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