Moral Instincts

What makes us sacrifice ourselves? For Darwin, that was the fundamental question. It could be kinship; it could be tit-for-tat. Or, it could be that we're trapped.

Oedipus Simplex

Fathers have often fought with their sons over women. In a Freudian world, they compete over Oedipus's mother. But in a Darwinian world, they fight over other girls.


Because personal happiness trumps every other kind of happiness, her wedding day was probably the most important day of my daughter's life. But there will be other important days.

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Summer is the season for revolutions. People take to the streets when it's hot.

Another Inconvenient Truth

Even grandmothers are occasionally at risk.

Devil or Angel?

To me personally, nothing is more important as faith. But to me as a Darwinist, religion is about politics and sex.

Black Hat, White Hat

A thousand years ago, as the first millennium turned, Ralph Glaber, a French monk, was disturbed. He the world would end; but with the crusades, a new world began.

Love Letter to the Pope

A week ago Tuesday, Pope Benedict XVI made a statement about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Penitence had to be done; forgiveness had to be sought.

Love Letter to Barack Obama

Last week, Barack Obama came to the Big House to deliver the 2010 commencement address. It was a good speech.