Flow States and Creativity

Creativity has become the most important skill to have in the 21st century—but we still don't know how to train people up on it. Until now…

Teaching the iPhone to Drive

What happens when machines can see as well as humans?
Einstein at the Beach

Einstein at the Beach

Einstein, obviously one of the great creative lions in science, was also a keen risk-taker.

How To Learn Anything

What I've learned about learning in 25 years as a reporter.

Talking the Talk

A neuroscientist's take on communication in the workplace.
Hacking Creativity

Hacking Creativity

A few thoughts on brain hacks for driving creative thinking forward.
Why Great Artists Steal...

Why Great Artists Steal...

Last May, the software company Adobe released the results on their global survey on the state of creativity. Over 5,000 individuals in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Japan, were polled. Key findings were familiar. Here’s their top ten list.

Dare to Dream

Scientists used to think of risky behavior as negative, associating it with drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and even mania—but entrepreneurship throws a wrench in those works.

The Bionic Man

This was Captain David Rozelle, the one they called Iron Man or Killer 6 or Kowboy 6—the 6 being short for “six-shooter,” as in gunslinger, ass kicker, take your pick
Creativity: The Secret Behind the Secret

Creativity: The Secret Behind the Secret

When scaling up a business, where does one find good, creative talent?

From Prostitutes to Pet Therapy

About an aytpical mental health worker career trajectory in the key of “P”: Prostitutes to Prison to Pahrump to Parrots to Pet Therapy.

The Psychedelic Renaissance: The Drugs Are Back, And They Mean Business This Time!

Psychedelics are back! Scientists have discovered that drugs like LSD and MDMA are  out to be our best hope for some of our most difficult conditions. Could "I want to party like it's 1969" really be the future of medicine?

Animals on Psychedelics: Survival of the Trippiest

Everywhere scientists have looked, they have found animals who love to party.

College Football's Giant Blindsport: The Bias of the BCS

The BCS System is supposed to produce a college football champion— some basic psychology says otherwise.

Do animals have ESP, because I have questions...

A lot of people think their pets have psychic powers—here's why I'm starting to take their stories more seriously.

But Is It Murder?

Yesterday, David Yoder of New York gassed 93 dogs to death—he's going to get a slap on the wrist, but should he got to jail for murder instead?

You Are Not You: The Conundrum of the "Me."

The brilliant Jungian psychologist James Hillman once wrote: "There is only one core issue for all psychology. Where is the "me." Where does the "me" begin? Where does the "me" stop? Where does the other begin?"

Altruistic Dogs and Other Questions on Cooperation

There's a really, really interesting war brewing these days between the evolutionary psychologists and the ecological psychologists. In very basic terms, the war is about competition and cooperation...

This Is Your Brain On Slaughter

The Hidden Cost of Our Animal Killing Spree

Ecopsychology: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

New research into ecopsychology could bring us to an entirely different understanding of human nature.

New Ideas About the Origin of Language

There's some new research coming out of the University of Rochester that sheds a bit of light on the origin of language in humans. What these researchers were looking into was if there's one certain area of the brain that gives humans advanced language capabilities over other animals.What they found was a whole lot more...

Losing the Language of Happiness

If language shapes reality, what happens whens language disappears? 

Do Dogs Know Death?

Animals in Mourning—the stuff they don't tell you in books.

Aggressive Athletes: Can We Please Start Telling The Truth

Violence in Sports: Elizabeth Lambert Is Not Guilty As Charged!

How To Spot the Liars: The Next Revolution In Truth Telling

Spotting liars is big business, thankfully it's also bad for business.

Does Hope Trump Racism: The Peculiar Pickle of Obama's Nobel Prize

Does Hope Trump Racism And More Reasons Why The Spat Over Obama's Nobel Prize Is Bunk.

Cannibalism or Dinner?

Ranomafana is located on the southeastern side of Madagascar, at the edge of what is called the "High Plateau," a steep, mountainous region so inhospitable it was all but unexplored. There are seven remote Malagasy villages surrounding Ranomafana. This was not easy walking.