A few years ago I stopped writing blogs for the “Personality Analyst” column for various reasons: I was on the threshold of a new theory that I needed time to develop, I wanted to summarize some of the thinking in my posts in an academic article, and I wanted a respite from producing columns at the pace I had been.

Unexpectedly, the break I took from the blog lasted several years and because I never planned to stop for such a long time, I never actually said good bye to my readers at Psychology Today.

I don’t want to make the corresponding mistake of failing to say “hello” again upon resuming the blog, so hello!

As I began to think about a topic for my first post beyond this one, I realized that it was the weekend before Thanksgiving. At roughly this same time of year in 2008, 2009, and 2010, I wrote blogs about “Judging Personality Over the Holidays”. I guess it’s time to try once more, so I expect to post something along those lines soon as I resume writing here.


John D. Mayer

PT Blogger

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