John D. Mayer

How the Experts Spot Liars (and How You Can, Too)

Thoughts from an expert lie detector...

Six Lessons Preschoolers Learn about Personality

Learning about personality isn't just child's play...

Can You Tell the Cat Lovers From the Dog Lovers?

We use our personal intelligence to figure out the people around us–often by collecting clues to their personalities. Whether a person loves cats, dogs, turtles or snakes provides information about them.
What You Can Learn From a Handshake

What You Can Learn From a Handshake

A clue to how outgoing a person is...courtesy of a handshake.

Biography Reveals Personal Intelligence, or Does It?

People reveal themselves in their interviews and biographies--up to a point.

Is Personal Intelligence Important?

Could personal intelligence be as important as verbal intelligence?

How High Is Your Personal Intelligence?

Who's high and who's low in personal intelligence?

Watching the People Watchers

People watch one another all the time--and for good reason.

Five Advances in how Psychologists View Personality

How psychologists changed their minds about personality—and what it means for understanding ourselves.
How Many New Intelligences Are There?

How Many New Intelligences Are There?

Judging from new book titles, there are quite a few new "intelligences" out there.

Emotional Intelligence…and Now Personal Intelligence?

How do emotional, social, and personal intelligences differ?

Personal Intelligence Inside and Out

Intelligences evolve because there is information in the outside world that is important for us to know about.

Using Personal Intelligence in Planning our Lives

Future shock and personal planning

Wondering if Personal Intelligence Exists

Is there some common logic behind the advice we receive about personality?

Newly Proposed Parts of Personality

Why are some proposed parts of personality accepted; others rejected?

Finding New Parts of Personality

Where do parts of personality come from?

Stages of Learning About a Person

We don't learn about a person all at once…

The Vocabulary of the Parts of Personality

Recognizing a part of personality can help us predict a person's acts.

The Allure of Our Private Personality

Looking deeply within ourselves we discover a paradox: Even our most private thoughts can involve social concerns.

What Personality Psychology Is--And Isn't

Even other psychologists can misunderstand personality psychology.

Personality Described

Yes, psychologists study it...but what is personality?

On Judging and Being Judged Over the Holidays—2013 Edition

What do we do when other people judge us?

Returning to the "Personality Analyst"

The "Personality Analyst"--starting up again.