This is How It Feels

Given my inexorably optimistic nature, all I can see is the good news (Sorry.  I realize that must seem annoying).

Hopefully I'll come down from my cloud in time to study for the next SAT (Nov. 5)

The math... what is wrong with me?

  • 1.  I love it still, despite my score.  Love.  Well, maybe love/hate.  But more love.
  • 2.  I've learned a ton of math, regardless of my SAT score.  No Question.  Ask anyone who knows me.
  • 3.  I'm not giving up (never never never)
  • 4.  I'm feeling like it might be time to try Dr. Chung again.
  • 5.  All of you math show offs from comments in this post, I refuse to let you bring me down.  I'm having fun.  I'm working hard.  I'm smart, for goodness sakes.*

*I have a former boyfriend who used to always say to me, "I'm not lazy!" Like I was calling him lazy or something; except that I wasn't.  In fact, I wasn't even thinking it (because he wasn't lazy).  But after the fiftieth time he told me he wasn't lazy, I asked him if someone had called him lazy when he was a little boy, because I was not calling him lazy.

That's what I feel like with this SAT Math -- like I want to post my IQ score so everyone knows "I'm not dumb you guys...."  And, I'm not lazy (I swear. Ask my kids.)

It's got to be the fault of the test. (I'm kidding.  Don't pounce.)

Ok, gtg hit the books now.

I GOT AN 80000000000000000000 ON THE WRITING!!!

Illustrations by Jennifer Orkin Lewis

About the Authors

Catherine Johnson Ph.D.
Catherine Johnson, Ph.D. is an "afterschooling" parent and co-author of Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior.

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