Good Poker Players Make Good SAT-Takers (And Other Quotable Moments)

Why are scholars and best-selling authors, winners of the Pulitzer Prize -- people who have had enviable careers by any standard -- afraid to take a short multiple-choice test whose content doesn't stray far beyond a high-school-level vocabulary and simple arithmetic?

The End of Magical Thinking

After taking 7 SATs as an adult in 2011, I'm changing my tune.
Unexpected Variables in Standardized Testing

Unexpected Variables in Standardized Testing

Given that this was my 6th SAT in 2011, and the first one I can say was a truly bad experience, I guess my odds aren't so bad (I'm trying to look on the bright side). And, I'm trying to find the lessons to impart from my bad experience, so others can hopefully avoid the pitfalls.

Suffering from “Decision Fatigue”

I usually take it as a sign of something important when more than 3 people send me the same article -- so I did what I do with all the other important articles (i.e. print it out and carry it around the house with me for a month).

The Unexpected Lessons I've Learned by Taking the SATs With My Son

When I started this cockamamie project last January, I thought I'd be all, "Kaplan".....and ...."Gruber"....... Eight months in, I'm like, "Kumon" and "CogMed."

Voraciously Yours...

I'm a glutton when it comes to books. I finish most within a day or two. I read in gigantic eye gulps.

Core Teen Behavior

...My daughter's best friend was extremely upset when my daughter's grade in Physics was a 99% and her's was only a 98%. (Quote from a mother in the comments of this post.) When I hear about these kids, I think I must be running in the wrong circles, because that's not what I'm seeing down here in the trenches.