The Zimmerman Effect: Are We Losing Perspective on Horror?

The Zimmerman trial has riveted the nation in large part due to the relentless 24/7 media coverage. When massive national media resources are committed to one issue there are costs in the neglect of other broader, more significant concerns. There is narrow horror and broad horror, and the broader horror of 12000 gun homicides a year can be lost in the minutiae of one case.

V Day: Love and Sex—a Sampler

There are many factors in the complex yet elegant emotion, love, and also its relationship to sexuality. Generosity, giving, common ground, dark low-sugar chocolates, full-out sex, and much more, are the muse of the years most important public day.

The Stress Map: Who, Where, When, Why and What

Stress is a major factor in both mental and physical health. It can be a risk factor for depression and anxiety; can affect your immune system, blood pressure, neck, low back and shoulder pain, and more. Taking the measure of America where our stress is concerned is important, and the American Psychological Association contributes to this each year in a national survey.

M.L.King Jr.'s Visit With Psychology

MLK Jr., came to Washington Sept. 1, 1967, to speak to the APA Convention, outlining things he felt psychology could help with in the issues he was confronting, including civil rights, political action, non-violent protest, and what he called "creative maladjustment." He was assassinated 7 months later. This author chatted with him briefly, in an unpredicted conversation.

Martin Luther King, Jr., A Hero For All Time

Martin Luther King Jr., is consistently ranked in the top group of heroes in surveys of Americans. The nature of his heroism is explored in terms of three categories of heroic behavior and frequent attributes of heroes via the 5-D Model of Heroism. His heroism can be described as Big H Heroism where the stakes are high and the risks are high.

2013: Science's Seven Sins and a National Violence Project

The runaway use of the term "science" in psychology writing belies several problems in our science. The "New Science of____", fill in a psychological term, is a widely used phrase implying research on the topic meets most or many of the canons of good science; the reader can know this is reliable, valid work. Alas, not always true. Violence, education, diagnosis noted.

The Beast In All Of Us: A Brief Tour

Metaphorical thinking derived from the animal kingdom is used in all cultures to reflect emotions, motives, attitudes, beliefs and more, with vivid examples that make the point, the communication, clear. Some, of course, are not so clear, and the origins of some are murky. As new species are found and we learn their behavior, we may expect to expand our metaphorical manual

2012: Bad, Better, Best

Some important developments in psychology during 2012 include the raised consciousness over major violence--Big V violence, in America, what psychology needs to do; the growing evidence for psychotherapy effectiveness, what the key ingredients might be; the continuing critical debate over diagnosis, outlining a new direction;the passing of giants; torture; bad movie; more.

Wake-Up America, The Curse is Killing Your Kids

The American Gun Curse was no more horrific than in the December 14 school massacre in Connecticut. It is proposed that prevention science in a concentrated and massive equivalent to the Kennedy-era Moon Mission, or Manhattan Project or the Human Genome Project must be pursued to understand and diminish the horrific use of guns in America.

Our Un-American 'Addiction' to Royalty

Our relentless obsession with Royal doings is symptomatic of media's and the common culture's retreat from the American dream, its history, its continuing battles for egalitarian opportunity, and why its democratic ideals need continual re-affirmation, for ourselves, and as a beacon for the world. Inherited privilege is on the nature side, America is more the nurture side.

Reboot Diagnosis: DSM-5 Goes Live, Nascent Movement Arises

The DSM-5 has been approved. But a new movement is underway to re-consider diagnosis from the bottom up and to open the conceptualizations of diagnosis to the widest global scrutiny, debate, discussion.

Great Leaders Have Affairs, Don't They?

Universal monogamy is a lost cause in our species.

The Other War: Military Suicides and Accidental Deaths

In an all-voluntary military, we can expect some extremes of risk-taking/thrill-seeking to be a characteristic among some of those volunteering in the hope of adventure.

Interested in Psychology Outside the U.S.? Here Is Some Help

Steps toward a psychology without borders.

Fame in the Service of Humanity: Heroism and Hollywood

There are two main kinds of heroism in Hollywood, as I see it. The one that gets most of the attention is on the screen—the movies, the roles, the performances that inspire and thrill. But I write here of another aspect of Hollywood heroism—off-screen and actual, not acted.

Is Romney-Ryan (RR) a Train Wreck Waiting to Happen?

This RR express (Romney-Ryan) is no certain ticket to ride. Mitt Romney in choosing his running mate Paul Ryan has pushed the psychology of uncertainty to the forefront of this Presidential election.

Biting, Spitting, Grabbing, Slapping, Champagne Hosing, Milk Gulping

Iconic eccentricities permeate many sports and the Olympics are not immune. I don’t know when the first Olympian sunk her or his teeth into their trophy, “The Medal”, but it is happening. It seems it is becoming an increasing feature of the Games, kissing or biting those fabled medals.

Motives for a Massacre

Why would a bright college student kill people, mostly his own age cohort, probably not known to him personally, for no apparent reason? The suspect, James Holmes, conforms to some of the features frequently found in U.S. mass murderers.