6 Simple Steps to Make Happiness Happen

Welcome happiness into your life with these six simple practices from the field of positive psychology.

Why the Happiness Chase Is Making You Unhappy

Tired of chasing happiness? Here is why you should drop the chase and welcome in the fulfillment instead.

How Habits Become Your Destiny

About 40 percent of your daily behavior is based on habits. Learn to master those habits to master your life.

How to Remain Optimistic Through Change

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the change that's happening in your world? Use optimism to transform your overwhelm into confidence.

Say No to Discrimination Against Expectant and New Moms

Discrimination against expectant and new moms is on the rise. Time to stop it once and for all - and here are some ideas how.

Happiness is a Choice (And a Pretty Smart One)

Stop the happiness myths from holding your happiness back. Let these three happiness lessons give you an immediate "how" to happiness.

Is This the World We Are Building?

What Britain leaving the EU says about the current state of humankind.

How Trauma Can Lead to Positive Change

Discover how suffering can lead to three types of positive change. Test an exercise to help make those changes happen.

How Letting Go of Control Can Welcome Happiness In

Happiness is knocking on your door. It will come in if you relax and let go of your control. Watch this video to understand how.

How to Make New Year's Resolutions that Stick

Learn to succeed with your New Year's resolutions once and for all.

10 Things Entrepreneurs Don't Like Admitting

Scrap the rose-tinted glasses and find out what it is that makes entrepreneurs so resilient.

6 Reasons Why Procrastination Can Be Good For You

Is procrastination getting the best of you? Maybe it's trying to tell you something.

3 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

Anyone has the power to use money to boost happiness - yet it's got nothing to do with how much money you have to spend.

8 Questions to Restore Your Faith in Yourself

Discover why negative self-talk happens and how to overcome it with eight simple questions.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Create the Dream Career

Get yourself on the right career path by reflecting on these six powerful questions before making the next move.

3 Reasons Why You Have to Trust Your Gut

Give your intuition a chance and you'll give yourself the biggest gift of your life.

Laugh Your Way to a Six Pack (Mentally and Physically)

Why are children so much happier and healthier than adults? Because they laugh about 200 times a day. Understand the real science behind laughter here and realise why you should make laughing a priority.

Love Yourself Before You Love Others

Compassion starts with self-compassion. Without it you will burn yourself out. Without it you won't be able to share compassion wholeheartedly.

The 3 Keys to a Happier Relationship

Stop chasing a fairytale relationship. Create a real one instead. These three keys will help you keep it a happy one.

Give Christmas Gifts which Boost Happiness

Make the magic of Christmas last all year by giving gifts which boost your loved ones' happiness in the short and long term.
3 Keys to Work Smarter Not Harder

3 Keys to Work Smarter Not Harder

Discover three keys to productivity that will help you to make the most out of the time you have in a day (and even leave work earlier!).

Screw Finding Your Passion

Turns out living a fulfilling life isn't about chasing what you love. Instead, it's about learning to find the love in what you do.

Anxiety Isn’t All Bad

Discover how to use anxiety in a positive way to boost your performance and happiness.
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Break Free From the Perfectionist Trap

Become happier by reframing your expectations and embracing an imperfect life.

Why Following Your Passion Doesn't Lead to Happiness

'Follow your passion' is a common message we're often encouraged to do when building our lives and careers. But it turns out it's not as good as we make it to be. It can cause you distress, endless procrastination and even prevent happiness. Discover why you should avoid the follow your passion trap.
Overcome Stress by Saying Thanks

Overcome Stress by Saying Thanks

Want to try a new strategy to overcome stress? Use this gratitude technique and you'll be bringing out your best self in every challenge.
How to Overcome Your Worst Enemy

How to Overcome Your Worst Enemy

Did you know your worst enemy is the self-critical voice in the back of your head that always shouts loudest when you're faced with a challenge? Learn how to overcome this voice through self-compassion.
Why Do You Find It so Hard to Not Multitask?

Why Do You Find It so Hard to Not Multitask?

You might justify multitasking because you simply have too much on your plate. Maybe you find that focusing on one thing at a time is not as exciting. Well turns out multitasking can trick your mind into releasing happy hormones which give you a thrill and create a misleading illusion of productivity.

What Do Happy People Choose to Ignore?

Turns out some ignorance is happiness inducing.

A Happiness Manifesto for the Go-Getters

Are you a go-getter? Do you believe that happiness is a choice? Then this happiness manifesto is for you. This infograph shows nine key things that research has shown boost your positive emotions and overall happiness. Simply reading them here will create the awareness you need to start incorporating them into your life. Go get 'em!