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Thanks to my editors and readers for another great year of blogging for Psychology Today!  It's been a tumultuous year in the realm of the psyche.  My blog's subheading ("Psychiatry, Spirituality and Culture") has become even more relevant with the year's events.  Over the next year, I hope to continue bringing you essays bridging those three subject areas, as well as publish my book on the psychology of social networks through a Buddhist lens.  To be the first to know about that endeavor, sign up for an occasional newsletter at www.RaviChandraMD.com.

Here were my top posts:

  1. Compassion for Trump?  Outrage is all the rage - but where might compassion take us?  This post garnered me an interview with the BBC.
  2. Rome, Georgia: The Small Town Capital of Nice  An interview with Evie Mcneice, Rome's former mayor about the challenges and strengths of small town life.
  3. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder A response to another blogger's desultory conclusion that looks are the most important thing, and we should just resign ourselves.
  4. Grit: Is It Baloney?  Challenging Angela Duckworth's contentions about Grit.  Sorry, Professor Duckworth, I still haven't read your book, but plan to soon.
  5. There was a three way tie for fifth place:

Three blog posts from the very end of last year were very high performers this year:

  1. #Oscarssowhite: Antidote for Anti-Asian Racism is CAAMFest
  2. Social Media - Do We Need a Medium?
  3. Trump's Language: Psychology, Politics & Danger of Disgust

My guest blogger and colleague, Nicole Hsiang, MFT, posted three articles that did very well:

  1. When Asian American Men Seek Therapy: The Invisible Struggle
  2. Asian American Men: Breaking Through the Bamboo Ceiling
  3. The Shadow Side to Being an Asian American Over-Achiever

Thanks again for reading and sharing!  

c) 2017, Ravi Chandra, M.D. D.F.A.P.A.

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