2018: The Year of the Dog, The Year of Living Doggedly

Some psychology and biology of the dog-human bond, and thoughts on the Year of the Dog.

Is Facebook Making Us Narcissistic?

Is social media making us more narcissistic? Studies suggest we are exposed more to narcissists online - and the medium itself may promote narcissistic relating.

Is Facebook Destroying Society and Your Mental Health?

Former Facebook insiders as well as researchers are raising red flags about social media. Here's what you need to know to make your decision about using social media.

Vietnamese American Refugee Stories Win Acclaim

Thi Bui and Bao Phi are winning acclaim for their individual and collaborative works. "A Different Pond" and "The Best We Could Do" are vital in this era of immigrant-bashing.

Enthusiastic Consent vs Compassionate Relating: Aziz & Grace

More on the Aziz Ansari-Grace incident.

Cat Person, Aziz Ansari and Power in the Age of Trump

The New Yorker's "Cat Person" short story seemed to be a prelude to the current Aziz Ansari story. What can we learn about power and vulnerability in the Trump era?

Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down This Wall!

Mark Zuckerberg is changing the Facebook Newsfeed, again. He claims it's to help users' mental health and make Facebook a force for moral good. Don't believe the hype.

WWJD? Why I Say “Happy Holidays”

There is no war on Christmas. Happy Holidays is just more inclusive and respectful. Hannity and President Trump are using religion in service of their political goals.

Navigating Difficult People and Opinions During the Holidays

We are living in highly polarized, traumatized, and mistrustful times. Here's how you can avoid turning Thanksgiving into Thanksblaming.

Docs Gone Wild: Losing Professional Boundaries Online

Mark Zuckerberg's vision is total transparency. But this has serious consequences for health professionals and the doctor-patient relationship, and even the ability to form a self.

"Me Too" and the Limits of Internet Empathy

The "Me Too" campaign on social media highlights the prevalence of misogyny, sexual harassment and assault. But our online engagement may take us farther from resolution.

Don’t Just Blame Facebook for Fake News: It’s Us, Too

Is social media use a race to the bottom of our brainstems?

After Charlottesville: Is Racism a Mental Illness?

In what ways might racism be considered a mental illness? How might this understanding help us treat those who suffer from pathological bias?

Highlights of the 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

The 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival offered insight and history. An Inconvenient Sequel, The Young Karl Marx, Citizen Schein, 1945 and Paradise were highlights.

Option B and Option Buddha—Sheryl Sandberg and Kisa Gotami

A review of Sandberg's Option B, and some lessons from Buddhism about grief and mortality.

Evergreen College, the Rejection Complex, and Bullying

Evergreen State College was recently in turmoil. There were accusations of racism and bullying along with threats and a show of riot police. What's underneath the hysteria?

#MarchForScience, Social Media, Diversity and Identity

UCSF showcased a panel of scientific leaders at their Stand Up For Science day. What does this tell us about diversity in science, and about social media?

"Cries from Syria" and Vicarious Trauma and Secondary PTSD

Interview with "Cries from Syria" director Evgeny Afineevsky about the Syrian crisis and the vicarious trauma involved in viewing hundreds of hours of carnage.

Top Pacific Heart Stories of 2016-2017

The most popular posts of 2016-2017 in The Pacific Heart!

The Shadow Side to Being an Asian American Over-Achiever

Guest blogger Nicole Hsiang explores Asian American perfectionism and its consequences.

Donald Trump as the Fisher King: #DonaldAreYouOkay?

Is Donald Trump the Fisher King? Are we all like the Grail Knight, forgetting to ask the crucial question?

Compassion for Trump?

Many of us are in the grips of difficult emotions triggered by the presidency of Donald Trump. But can we have compassion for him? And can this be transformative?

Creating a Culture of Belonging: Invitations and Growth

Charles Vogl's new book "The Art of Community: 7 Principles for Belonging" is a great read and resource for those of us interested in growing community.

Three Asian American Novels to Grow the Reader's Compassion

Here are three novels that can grow your compassion!

Asian American Men: Breaking Through the Bamboo Ceiling

Guest blogger Nicole Hsiang spoke with Asian American men about the bamboo ceiling and success at work.

When Asian American Men Seek Therapy: The Invisible Struggle

What are the internal and external barriers facing Asian American men seeking therapy? A guest blog by Nicole Hsiang, MFT.

Competing Views of Power in Trump’s America

Machiavelli proclaimed it was "better to be feared than loved." Social Psychologist Dacher Keltner has a different view. Which view will dominate in Trump's presidency?

A Trump Presidency: The Empire Strikes Back

The presidency is a powerful and important position - but it is only a proxy at best for our connections and ideals. What do we need to do next?

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

A response to Marty Nemko's blogpost On Being Unattractive.

Rome, Georgia: The Small Town Capital of Nice

Rome, Georgia is located in the heart of the South, and won me over with its friendliness. Here's an interview with the Mayor and Police Chief on community, division, and policing