My Dad's Silly, Simple, Crazy Way to Make Decisions

My mom's death forced my dad to make one of the biggest decisions he had made in a long time. His approach to the decision turned out to be genius. And all this time, I thought I was the one who knew how to make decisions. Man, was I wrong.
Kurt Carlson

The Golf Decathlon—Motivation and Ability Put to the Test

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of someone playing 10 rounds of golf in one day. Here's your chance to take a glimpse by following my thoughts from the golf decathlon I just completed.

What Drives People to the Fork in the Road?

The road leading to the fork in the road (i.e., to willful choice) is paved with believing there is a problem and a solution to the problem, and that now is the right time to act to solve the problem. Only when all of these hurdles are passed, will people seek a solution to their problem. And it is this search that begins the typical choice process.
To Make Better Choices, Imagine a Gun to Your Head

To Make Better Choices, Imagine a Gun to Your Head

This post introduces a simple thought experiment that can help distinguish situations where a choice exists from those where there is no choice. The ability to distinguish these two situations is essential to making choices, which is the key to having positive influence on one’s life.

The Only Way to Make Positive Change in Your Life

The one universal truth that, to me, is most provocative, useful, and unconditional is this: The only way to positively influence your life is by making choices.That's right. The one and only way that you, I, my children, President Obama, Vladimir Putin, and Justin Bieber can positively influence our lives is through the choices we make.