Why The Frozen Poop Pill Thing Is Awesome For EVERY Disease

Microbiome therapy is the cutting edge of health science.

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Steps to optimize working memory and brain function, all before 5pm.

Your Environment Can Shape More Than Just Your Thoughts

A new study proved that it's not just our thoughts that can be shaped by our habitats. Our bodies can be as well.

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Awe makes you a better person, so why not start off 2014 with some?

A Plea to Unplug, From Someone You May Least Expect

A newly-minted best-selling author challenges our relationship with technology, and will leave even the most technologically-obsessed among us questioning, and maybe even amending, their level of techno-indulgence.

Your “Healthy” Diet Could Be Quietly Killing Your Brain

Grain Brain, by Dr. David Perlmutter, is mind-blowing—no pun intended—and disruptive to some long-standing beliefs about what our bodies—particularly our brains—require for optimal health.

We Are All Wonderjunkies

We should embrace the discomfort of insights unfamiliar to us and live outside of our filter bubbles; go about our lives with a sense of intellectual entitlement, curiosity, and kindness that would make Sagan proud.

How Our Spaces Shape Our Thoughts

Our environment can have a profound effect on our thoughts. Watch where you sit.

Sex and Disgust: Strange Evolutionary Bedfellows?

Scientists discover a link between sexual arousal and feelings of disgust, evolutionary functions that are often thought of as paradoxical.

Evolution in Schools, Asteroid Mining, and the Neuroscience of Republicans

What do asteroids, republicans, and the education system all have in common? Not much, but they WERE all discussed on this recent show.

An Oasis of Ideas at TEDActive

Seventy years ago, Abraham Maslow proposed the idea that human beings have a set of fundamental needs which must be met in order to unlock the full spectrum of one's intellectual abilities. The most basic of which are what you'd expect: food, water, safety, security, non-celibacy.

How To Be Emotionally Stable Without Getting Bored

I was recently introduced to the writing of Nick Cox and became so overwhelmed by one particular piece of his, called "How To Be Emotionally Stable Without Getting Bored," that I took a little creative liberty and turned it into a song. At once beautiful and bleak, the goal was to articulate the hero's journey on a cosmic scale.

How To Make Museums More Movie-like

How can one possibly worship at the altar of arguably humanity's greatest contribution to the Universe—art—in a space filled with fluorescent lights and a cacophony of tour guides, bustling crowds, loud school groups?