3 Key Parenting Tips when Children See Horrific Events on TV

Are your children anxious from the media coverage of horrific events? Here are tips to identify their anxiety and help them cope with their fears.

4 Road Signs You're in The Land Where Love Dies

Has your love been crushed by the weight of loneliness? Here are 4 things that can help revive your love.

"Make the Pain Stop" When Children Consider Suicide

Some young children think about suicide, but adults often never hear the cry for help.

When It’s Crazy, It’s Not Love!

Have your friends told you you're crazy to be with someone? Find for insane patterns in unhealthy relationships

Say Yes to Happiness and No to Depression

Has life taken on never-ending gray skies? Find out how to get the sun to shine.

5 Things That Can Kill Your Relationship

Five ways to drive love from your relationship....and how to get it back.

Easing Flying Fears after the Germanwings Crash

Don't let the crash in the Alps make your flying phobia resurface.

Virtual Visits to the Dark Side of Others' Lives

Is social media our virtual tour guide to the "dark" events in celebrities' lives...triggering our emotions as if we were visiting a haunted hotel?

FitBiTillomania: A Great “Obsession”

The Fitbit has changed many of us into healthier step-aholics.....and this little "obsession" rewards us each step along the way.

Active Listening Is a Key to Great Interactions

Great listening means more than just using your ears. Interacting effectively includes hearing, seeing, and asking great questions.

ADHD: Behavioral Parenting Supported (Again) By Research

Newly published study again shows that positive, behavioral parenting of children with ADHD works.

Transforming Criticism Into Connection

Criticism can be more than pointing fingers. Here are four ways to build closeness when you complain about something.

The Antidote to Poisonous Communication

Communication isn't always good for a couple. Sometimes it can poison love...but there are antidotes.

6 Ways to Diagnose a Relationship That's Unhealthy

Six ways to tell if your love will keep your heart whole, or leave a hole in your heart.

Rebuilding Trust: Moments to Make Better Memories

Rebuild Your Trust Through Simple, but Powerful, Moments

Stopping Problem Behaviors Before They Take Hold

When a child acts out to escape a frustrating situation, building the right skills can reduce problem behaviors.

Do I Trust You Anymore?

When we lose trust in our partner, we lose hope as love dies.
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Your Life Is the Key to Pleasure Over Sadness

All of us feel the blues from time to time. What is not “normal” is becoming stuck in a down mood. When we find ourselves unable to bounce back, we need to take action.
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Loving Deeper Through Fights

How to make arguments deepen your love.
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Running Toward Fear: The Key to Reducing Anxiety

Beating angst is based on acceptance, not hiding. Fear is useful when there's really a threat, but often irrational fear needlessly controls our lives. We can overcome fear by learning how it works and exposing ourselves to the things that make us afraid.
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Building a Happy Life: Five Ways to Change Your Self-Defeating Habits

Cut loose from your old, self-defeating habits and take control of your life!

The 4 Habits of Highly Happy Couples

Four habits that build a happier, long-lasting relationship.

Why Be Friends after the Marriage Dies: Ask the Kids

How to Turn Anger into Parenting Friendship after the Divorce

Changing Ourselves to Change the World

What if we could change the world through believing we can change ourselves?

Merry Stressmas, Mom and Dad!

Christmas or Stressmas, You Decide

Tips for Holidays and Parenting: Letting Joy Win over Stress

Parents can enjoy even the most stressful holiday season by following these four basic tips.

Should We Celebrate Qaddafi's Death?

When we celebrate death, we teach children the wrong lessons.
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Ghost Children: Brothers and Sisters of ADHD Children

The brothers and sisters of ADHD children become ghosts in the family until they act-out themselves. Here are five tips to prevent the friendly ghost from haunting your family this year.
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Mom and Dad Have Something to Tell You: Six Tips for Talking to Kids About Divorce

Suffering and divorce are synonymous, but divorcing parents have an opportunity to teach their children how to handle pain effectively through divorce. In every dire circumstance exists the chance to learn and grow….parents who use divorce as one such chance can help their children learn this fundamental truth.

Childhood Injuries and Deaths: An Ounce of Prevention vs. a Pound of Cure

Early childhood exercise is key to preventing obesity.