Snooping: Healthy or Harmful?

Today’s tech-crazed world filled with Facebook and tweets provides a number of opportunities to snoop on your child.

Red Pill or Blue Pill? What You Don't Know May Hurt You!

If you have seen the Matrix, would you take the red pill — which would open your eyes to reality, or the blue pill — which would keep you living behind rose-colored lenses. Would you choose to live in eternal ignorance or in constant awareness? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

It's Not Necessarily ADHD

The media has trained us to identify and attribute any sign of inattentiveness to ADHD. Symptoms of inattention, distraction, fidgetiness, and what appears to be boredom do not automatically spell ADHD, and instead, can indicate anxiety in children.

Social Phobia ≠ Shyness

Social phobia also known as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is not simply extreme shyness. Many people experience some shyness and discomfort, especially in new situations or with unfamiliar people.

Psychoeducating Parents to Defeat Their Child’s OCD Monster!

It cannot be stressed enough how important involving parents and other caretakers into the treatment of children and adolescents with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is. This is also essential for those adults with OCD who continue to live with and depend upon their parents.

The TAO: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The origins of "mindfulness" have its roots in Eastern thought. The Chinese term it "Taoism". The Japanese term it "Zen". Some have associated it with the practice of yoga, and with the religion of Buddhism. However, Tao in its purest sense is not religion or philosophy; nor is it psychology or a type of science. Simply put, Tao is a way and view of life.

Mislabeling in the Classroom: Distinguish the Differences of ADHD, Anxiety, and Giftedness

Julie's parents and teachers are worried. She is in the 4th grade and falling behind in her studies. Although she has a complex vocabulary and demonstrates a high level of general knowledge, she is not performing to her ability in the classroom.