How to Beat Perfectionism, Make Progress, and Find Happiness

Don’t excuse yourself from trying to achieve your goal because the conditions aren't right. There are plenty of small steps that will help move you forward.

Meet Your Worst Enemy

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, your worst enemy already lives inside you: your ego.

Contemptuous Expressions: The Secret to an Objective Mind

Contemptuous expressions are Stoic exercises that removes the unhealthy perceptions and embellishments we give people and things in our lives.

Domesticate Your Emotions

The obstacles we face in life make us emotional. The only way we’ll overcome them is by keeping those emotions in check—if we can keep steady no matter what happens, no matter how much external events may fluctuate.

Why You Should Embrace Failure

How to turn failure into an assets for your creative endeavors.
The Surprising Value of Negative Thinking

The Surprising Value of Negative Thinking

How thinking negatively can prepare you for the obstacles that will inevitably come your way and allow you to pass your peers.