You Can't Be Mad At Your Mind for Having Unconscious Biases

You Can't Be Mad at Your Mind for Having Unconscious Biases You can be proud of yourself for overcoming your biases with the help of a Bias Transformation Worksheet

Are You As Effective As You Think You Are?

Are you as effective as you think you are? How do you know? A well-respected leader learns that she can be even more effective.

Tool to Help You Challenge Your Beliefs and Change Your Life

Have you tried to re-wire your neural net to create a better life? A practical worksheet to help you rethink the way you think and transform old mental models to serve you better.

Why Does Change Make Us Lose Our Minds?

Does change make you lose your mind and change the way you think?

The Belief: "Us Versus Them" … True or False?

Are you affected by the increasing divisiveness in our world? Do you want to help change it? Let's examine some beliefs that are polarizing our nation?

It Is Time for Us to Evolve

To move beyond the increasingly divisive issues of racism and bias, human beings must evolve. We have the power right now to do so. Will you choose to evolve?

You Are Indeed Good Enough

Are you tired of feeling that you are not good enough? Principle of Objectivity #4 - Everything is Connected and Interrelated will help you see yourself and your life differently!

Principle of Objectivity #3 Helps You Rethink Failure

Are You a Failure? Objectivity Principle #3 - You Cannot Always Control the Results of Our Actions will help you rethink failure.

Principle of Objectivity #2 Can Improve Your Relationships

Do you get frustrated when people don't think or act the way you do? These insights can help you be more objective.

The Principles of Objectivity Can Help You Think Smarter

Are you objective in this type of situation? Learn Principles of Objectivity to help you think smarter and be more objective to anything that comes your way!

Change Your Mind for a Happier New Year!

How long do your New Year's Resolutions last? A week, a month or 6 months? To achieve your goals for 2016, you must first change your mind! Here's how!

Objective Leaders: Rethink The Way They Think

Are your mental models serving you? How can you rethink the way you think for greater effectiveness!

Objective Leaders Know That They Are Indeed Good Enough

How often do you feel that you are not good enough?

Do You Have a Competition Mental Model?

Are you in competition with everyone else? Can you be effective leader with the Competition mental model?

Are You a Control Freak? Does It Work for You?

Does you Control Mental Model make you a bit of a drill sergeant at work?

Do you have Perfectionist Mental Model?

How is your Perfectionist mental model working for you?

Do You Have An External Validation Mental Model?

Do you know your mental models? Do they help you or hurt you?

Are You Your Thoughts?

How an objective leader handles negative thoughts

You Are Not Alone and You Are Not a Victim of Your Mind

89% said they got defensive or over-reacted to critical feedback sometimes, 18% said most of the time 78% said they took things personally at least once a month, 10% said everyday

You Can't Be Mad at Your Mind - Part 2

How often do you do this? You have the power to do this less by learning to be more objective!

You Can't Be Mad At Your Mind!

You can't be mad at your mind!

Learn to Be an Objective Leader without Losing Everything

Take the Objective Leader Personal Assessment
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How Often Do You Judge People Unfairly? What Is the Cost?

How often do you judge people unfairly? What is the cost?

Are You Good Enough? New Year's Resolutions And Objectivity

Are you Good Enough? How to Avoid the Set-up and Make New Year's Resolutions….Objectively!
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How An Objective Leader Gets Through the Holidays...

Do you look like this during the Holidays? Learn how an Objective Leader gets through the Holidays with less stress and more fun!

Are You An Objective Leader?

Have you over-reacted to a situation at work lately? Are you often worried about what co-workers are thinking of you? Have you gotten yourself in a sticky situation when you perceived "tone" in an e-mail and responded with "tone"? Learning to increase your objectivity can help you be more effective at work and at home!