Teen singing sensation Charice Pempengco has just announced she underwent Botox treatment and facial resurfacing so she can "look fresh on camera" for her debut on a television series. The 18 year-old singer is a native of the Philippines who became popular stateside after appearances on "The Ellen DeGeneres" and "The Oprah Winfrey " shows. Charice will soon start filming for the hit song and dance show "Glee".

"Glee" is a show that embraces diversity. The cast represents minorities in shape, ability, ethnicity and sexual orientation. However, plastic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo reports she used Botox to narrow Charice's round face. Charice added in a statement that she wanted to be able to compete with the show's lead, Lea Michele.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 11,889 13-19 year-olds received Botox injections in 2009, up 2 percent from 2008. This has not reached epidemic proportions, but many teen girls think they are not pretty enough. But the question is, pretty enough for what? Undoubtedly Charice is talented. She has won singing competitions based on her talent. She has won a role on a hit television series based on her singing and acting ability (and perhaps because of her looks, instead of in spite of them). Yet given her colossal success, she still felt she wasn't good enough.

One of the main tragedies of obsessing about appearances is that it whittles away precious time. Precious time a teenager could spend following interests, thinking up new ideas, socializing with friends or just being a kid. In Charice's case, she has had the time and energy to focus on her talent, regardless of any concern she may have had about her looks. Hopefully she will navigate her new stardom and be comfortable with who she is as a person. Because clearly, many people think she is good enough already.

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Kathryn Stamoulis, Ph.D., teaches at psychology at Hunter College, and specializes in adolescent and sexual development.

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