Teenage Sexual Harassers

Many teenagers are perpetrators of sexual harassment. Who are they and why do they do it?

Teaching Our Sons Not to Rape

The class witnessed a clean-cut, handsome boy laughing and bragging about raping a 16 year-old girl. Outraged, a student asked, "What is wrong with this boy's parents?! They must take some of the responsibility"

Do You Have a Problem?

If you are wondering if there is a problem in your life you need to address, start by asking yourself these two simple questions.

Why Girls Call Each Other Sluts

Given how terrible the word slut is for women, many people wonder why a girl would ever use it.

Birth Control Works!

Even though birth control is highly effective in reducing unwanted pregnancy and abortion in teenagers, many parents struggle with providing birth control for their teen daughters.
Am I Pretty or Am I Ugly?

Am I Pretty or Am I Ugly?

A new trend has emerged on Youtube, in which tweens and teens are asking strangers to comment on their appearance. Video after video presents girls, often blankly staring at the camera, asking "Am I pretty or am I ugly?"

Sexy and Depressed

We are told the old adage, “when you look good, you feel good.” We are sold the notion that for women to look good, they should look sexy. The reality is that a fixation with looking sexy can lead to unhappiness.

Prescription for Disaster

Secretary Sebelius is correct in her statement that there are "behavioral and cognitive differences" between adolescent girls and adults. However, these differences are exactly the reason why emergency over-the-counter contraception should be made available to young teens.

Surviving a Bad Reputation

The pain and embarrassment of being labeled a "slut' or ‘ho" can be unbearable. The following may ease the pain and help you better navigate a bad reputation.
Top Ten Things College Students Need To Know About Sex

Top Ten Things College Students Need To Know About Sex

Heading off to college this fall? Here are ten things you need to know about sex before stepping foot on campus.

Depressed Teens Have Riskier Sex

Once the symptoms of depression subside, so may the risky sexual behaviors

Teenagers Flunk The STD Test

More than 10% of teenagers and young adults who claimed to be abstinent tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease

Who am I?

"Who am I?" is such a vast, open-ended question that it can be hard to even begin to contemplate. A  tangible place to start is by analyzing your Facebook page.

Miley Cyrus: Is Critiquing Her Sexy Style Counterproductive?

A recent photo of Miley Cyrus in a skimpy outfit has once again sparked controversy concerning the sexy image of the 17-year old pop star.

Yes Your Teenager Is Having Sex…But It’s Not That Bad

The thought of teenagers having sex fills many parents with fears of delinquency and doom. The reasons for these fears are familiar to all of us: STDs, unwanted pregnancy, loss of innocence and heartbreak. The reality is that most teenagers have sex, but it's not that bad! Results from the following five studies on teenage sexual behaviors may help ease some of the fears gripping parents.