Suffer From Anxiety Disorder? New Research That Yoga Helps!

Psychotherapy and medication are typical treatments for anxiety disorder. But new research is showing other ways you can help diminish your symptoms, and are worth trying.

Being Kind to Others Increases Your Well-being

A direct path to increasing your happiness and overall wellbeing is to be kind and giving to others—an ancient perspective; now, new research confirms it.

Good Communication Alone Doesn't Improve Relationships

Research finds that good communication results from a positive relationship that's been built on a solid foundation.

Bad Jobs Hurt Your Health by the Time You're 40

If you're dissatisfied with your job, or with the management culture you work in, watch out: New research shows that it damages your mental health by the time you reach 40.

An Insecure Childhood Affects How You Deal With Adult Stress

If you experienced insecurity in your relationship with your parents, you're likely to have difficulty when faced with stressful decisions or situations.

Back From Vacation, and Now More Likely to Divorce?

Couples often hope that their relationship will benefit their relationship. But a new study finds that returning from summer vacation is when divorces spike.

Are You Single? You're Likely to Have a More Fulfilling Life

New research finds that single people are not lonely and unhappy, as the stereotype describes. Rather, they experience greater fulfillment and personal growth than married people.

Two Hidden Ways to Sustain Romance and Intimacy

It's easy to overlook the small things that can promote a lasting romantic connection and wellbeing with your partner.

We Psychologists Ignore Our Responsibility to the Public

The challenges, tumult and interdependence marking today's world calls for a new understanding of what psychological health looks like for individuals and society.

Do Women With More Premarital Partners Get Divorced Less?

New research sheds light on which types of experiences prior to (or instead of marriage) enable positive, intimate, and mutual partnerships to grow—and last.

The Trump Mentality: A Modern-Day Conquistador?

The apparent contradictions of Trump's expressed attitudes and behavior are actually consistent, when you realize they emanate from an overriding sense of unfettered personal power

Stress, Success And The Demise of Manhood

R.E.M. sang "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine." But many men find their view of manhood and success crumbling, and it doesn't feel so "fine." Here's why.

Does Joining Your Head and Your Heart Create Wisdom?

New research shows how heart rate affects reason when dealing with complex problems. It highlights the importance of stepping outside of a narrow, self-centered perspective.

What Happens When Prejudiced People Meditate?

A new study finds that meditation can be a good vehicle for reducing prejudice towards the "other" who is not part of one's own ethnic group.

Actions That Benefit Others Improves Work Team Performance

Research shows that work teams perform more effectively and productively when management promotes a sense of service and helping among employees.

Are Open Marriages Psychologically Healthy for Couples?

New forms of sexual-romantic relationships are increasingly visible today. How we assess them psychologically may reflect personal views and assumptions more than real evidence.

Does Sexism Harm Women If It's Covert And Subtle?

Research shows how subtle sexism in the workplace can harm women as much as the overt, blatant form.

Would More Money Or More Time Bring You Greater Happiness?

How does your desire for more money vs. having more affect your overall life happiness and psychological health? New research sheds light on what the impact is.

Are You Bored and Checked Out At Work? Here's Why

There are three overlooked reasons why people tune out at work and watch the clock until they can leave.

Can Divorce Increase Your Overall Health?

Research finds that divorce can increase health, but the findings underscore the importance of a positive relationship, no matter what form it takes.

Can Empathy Towards Political Opponents Change Their Views?

Are your political views the opposite of someone you know? Research shows how you might persuade that person towards your own position.

Living Together But Unmarried Boosts Your Mental Health?

Unmarried couples experience a boost in emotional health when they move in together, especially when they've had previous relationships that didn't work.

Emotional Connection With Work Increases Wellbeing - How So?

Feeling emotionally engaged with your work appears linked with greater wellbeing and health, new research finds. But for this to occur, several qualities of the management culture that you experience are essential.

Does Showing Gratitude Have Any Impact on Your Relationship?

New research finds that the extent to which partners feel and demonstrate gratitude towards each other, has a clear impact on how strong the relationship is, and how likely it is to endure—especially when conflict arises.

How to Deal With Abusive, Narcissistic and Hostile Bosses

The best way to deal with abusive, hostile and narcissistic bosses is to create ways to become emotionally disengaged; "indifferent" to your own emotional reactions. Here are some ways to do that and create positive responses to an unhealthy situation — as long as you remain within it.

Can You Really Change Your Personality? Research Says “Yes”

Research shows that you can consciously "grow" and develop dimensions of your personality that have been dormant or blocked.

A Sense of Awe and Life Purpose Increases Your Mental Health

Recent studies find that experiencing a sense being connected with something larger than yourself and having a sense of life purpose increases your overall wellbeing and mental health; and it promotes more positive, supportive behavior towards others. The studies add to the value of learning to step "outside" yourself, beyond your self-absorption with your own concerns.

Women Initiate Divorce Much More Than Men, Here's Why

Women are much more likely than men to initiate divorce, according to survey of over 2000 heterosexual couples. The reasons point to unfulfilled desire for intimacy and emotional connection with their husbands during the course of marriage; while men report contentment with the way things are.

Suffer From Social Anxiety? Doing Something For Others Helps

Social anxiety diminishes when you serve others in some way. Research finds that doing something that helps another person pulls you out of self-absorption, which is a part of social anxiety.

Why Your View of the Future Can Make You Depressed

Most people assume that if you're depressed, that colors your view of your future. New research turns that thinking on its head, showing that, for many, if your view of your future is negative to begin with, that can actually make you depressed. The flip side is that a positive view of your future stimulates greater mental health.