Why a “Transparent Relationship” is the Key to Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Radical Transparency is the key to sustaining intimacy.

How You Can Alter Your Past Or Your Future — And Change Your Present Life

Can you travel back into your past and alter something that will change yourself in the present? And could you travel into your future, and also alter your present? It looks like it might be possible, and it’s not science fiction.

Can You "Grow Up" at Midlife? Here Are Five Ways

Not long ago conventional thinking about midlife held that it's a time for holding on as best you can in the face of steady decline and loss. But if you're a baby boomer, you know that's shifted as fellow boomers show more attention to health and want continued vitality — even new growth — emotionally, sexually and creatively.

Why Obama and Romney Both Misunderstand "The American Dream"

As Romney begins his pivot, he and President Obama are highlighting their competing visions for growing prosperity and riches: One, building from the bottom up; the other, trickling from the top down.

Awakening Your True Self Within Your False Self

Some readers have asked me to elaborate more on what I wrote in my previous post, regarding the “self within the self.” Here, I explain that a bit more, emphasizing the growing links between Western science and Eastern perspectives about consciousness and the physical universe.

Life's Turning Points: The Mystery of the Self Within Your Self

There’s always a message contained in what you turned away from, or towards. It’s a message from your true self, to the self that you identify with.

Do Romney and Gingrich Display an "Inner Life" Problem?

Liberal and conservative political writers have been commenting on the negative reactions to Romney and Gingrich, despite their being the leading contenders for their party's nomination. But there may be something both share – though in opposite ways: It could be conflicts within the inner life of each, as it drives their outer life personas and behavior.

Why People Live With "Private Truths" Beneath Their "Public Lies"

Many people live with a contradiction between their private lives and their public behavior, not just politicians and celebrities. Here's why.

Why It's Hard To Find Your "Life Purpose" In Today's World

Many turn to the various books and programs purport to identify their life's purpose, but most come away dissatisfied. No closer than they were before, they identify with Bono's plaintive cry in the U2's song, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."