Childhood Psychological Abuse: Its Many Harmful Forms

There are many forms of unrecognized psychological abuse of children. All have lasting impact, and can be as harmful, if not more so, than physical abuse.
Unconventional Sex & Love Relationships: Increasing Numbers?

Unconventional Sex & Love Relationships: Increasing Numbers?

There's growing acceptance of untraditional forms of relationship, today. They include polyamory, consensual non-monogamous relationships, affairs; and even some who argue for legalization of polygamy. And, all these new forms of relationships coincide with a changing definition of "family." What does it all mean?

Do Couples Who Share Housework Really Have Less Sex?

Sharing housework has a definite impact on couples' sex lives. One study found that couples who divide chores along traditional roles have more sex. But a new, more comprehensive study turns those findings upside down.

Why Positive Relationships Are Needed for Emotional Health

New research finds that supportive, mutual relationships are essential for positive, healthy development, including the capacity for continuous growth, development and wellbeing.

There's a Better Way to Solve Your Problems

People often feel caught with a relationship conflict or life dilemma that feels unsolvable. But stepping "away" from the problem, and viewing it from an enlarged, "outside" perspective can help you discover constructive pathways to new solutions. Now, research shows why that helps.

Does Fighting Really Energize Your Sex Life?

Many couples assume that conflict and fighting are the norm for most relationships, and that they are unrelated to their sex lives. But research and clinical observation shows how they are intertwined in ways that have major consequences for sex, romance, and the relationship for the long-term.

So Much Work, No Time For Vacation? Here's Why!

Our socially conditioned attitudes about work and success underlies, and is reinforced by, the trend towards long hours and little time away for vacations or to recharge. That's visible in the diminished vacation time offered to U.S. workers, compared to most industrialized nations.

Does Short-Term Meditation Work? Here's What Research Found

It's known that the practice of mediation helps diminish symptoms of stress and anxiety and increase emotional resilience, but most research has looked at long-term meditative practice. Now, new studies find what happens for short-periods of meditation -- shorter than what you probably spend on the internet. Take a look!

Why Your Boss May Be Ineffective or Dysfunctional

Today's organizations require leaders to activate dormant capacities for both linear and non-linear thinking–often at the same time. New research shows that most people are capable of that, and knowing how is useful for most people in everyday life, not just for leaders.

The Power of Your Emotional Attitudes Upon Your Entire Being

We are integrated biological-psychological-social-spirituatl beings. Research shows the significant, system-wide impact our emotional attitudes and perspectives about life have upon our entire being -- our health, level of wellbeing and growth; or stagnation and illness.

Are You Cynical? Here's Why It's Time for a Change

Cynical attitudes about life are associated with a three-fold increase in the risk of dementia. The research adds to our knowledge that we are biological-psychological-spirittual-social beings. All "parts" are interconnected.

Does Having a Life Purpose Lead to a Longer Life?

New research finds that having a life purpose is linked with a longer life. But how does one create a sense of purpose in today's tumultuous, distracting, multi-tasking culture? Here are some ways.

Are You Depressed Within Your Marriage? Here's Why

New research indicates that marital stress makes you vulnerable to depression, and less able to experience positive moments. The research exposes another, deeper question: What occurs within marriages today that leads to stress, depression and despair to begin with?

Another Survey Shows the Continuing Toll of Workplace Stress

Yet another survey shows the prevalence of workplace stress across organizations, and in different countries. Most striking is that the majority of those polled say their company does "nothing" to deal with or alleviate stress in their workplace.

The Rapid Transformation of Business Leaders Is Underway

Recent surveys and research show that the background of today's senior leaders in business is increasingly diverse. Moreover, leadership needs of the future will require different skills, including emotional and relationship competencies. The new findings converge around emerging themes of interconnection and interdependence that are visible in out larger society as well.

How To "Grow" Your Mental Health

The mental health field has ignored what a psychologically healthy life looks like, and what promotes it. Much information exists that can help build psychological health, but ironically, it's largely from research and sources outside the mental health professions.

Will Your Financial Success Cost You "Whole Life" Success?

The mounting stress and other physical and psychological damage from devotion to money, power, and status narrows your awareness of who you used to be, that you're no longer sure you're capable of becoming.

Why Your Therapist Should Go "Back to the Future"

A key insight of a group of psychoanalytic pioneers in the 1930s - early 1950s has been ignored in the decades since then. Yet that insight is highly relevant to helping the kinds of emotional conflicts people experience in today's world, and it's worth reclaiming.

Caught Between "Longing" vs. "Settling" In Your Marriage?

Midlife baby boomers experience increasing marital conflict as a result of the legacy of their early ideals. For many, that takes the form of feeling caught between "longing" to recapture a lost ideal, or "settling" for what they have, including their disappointments and frustrations.

Why Reading Serious Fiction Expands Your Mind and Soul

Reading serious fiction directly increases your capacity for empathy and compassion; the overall development of your being. That's important not just for psychotherapists, to increase their capacity for helping people, but for everyone. Now, new empirical research confirms it.

"Take This Job And..."

One survey reports that older workers are quite satisfied with their jobs. But a number of other surveys find high dissatisfaction, stress and negative experiences in their workplaces, including destructive, unsupportive management practices. Are there generational differences, or other hidden sources of explanation for this contradiction?

How To Tell If Your Workplace Is In Tune With Its Own Future

Ongoing changes in the larger culture, as well as in the orientation of workers towards career goals, will affect the future success of business organizations. Here are some guidelines for assessing how well your organization is in synch with what lies ahead.

Why The Impact of Child Abuse Extends Well Into Adulthood

The impact of child abuse extends well into adulthood. New research finds it has negative consequences for the adult's mental and physical health. But other research points to ways that can heal the damage and create healthy growth.

Why Do Men Feel Bad When Their Romantic Partners Succeed?

Research finds that men's self-esteem drops when their spouse or partner succeeds, but the findings suggest that many men feel threatened by social and cultural changes that undermine their traditional view of manhood, power and success in a relationship.

An "Inside-Out" Life Helps You Redefine Success

Building your inner life and awakening your true self provide the guidance for knowing what to go after, or let pass by, in your outer life choices -- in your career goals, material desires, and relationships.

Do Couples Prefer Conflict Over Shared Power?

Couples often become locked into adversarial conflict and emotional withdrawal. But research and observations from couples therapy show that they long for shared power, mutuality; and emotional exposure, transparency in their relationships.

Why Business Leaders Need To Build Greater Self-Awareness

CEOs and most other senior executives say they want help to develop their leadership, but most don't seek it. The reason lies in the programs offered. Most neglect the core capacity: building self-awarenss regarding motives, vulnerabilities, and the capacity for empathy.

Work-Life "Balance" Is Impossible—And Why That's Good

Strategies for dealing with rising stress in careers and family life focus mostly on ways to balance work and life and redefine success away from over-identification with pursuing money and power. But both work and are on the same side of the true scale: between your outer life and inner life. Knowing how to balance those is key to healthier well-being.

The Rise of McCarthyism Among Some Republican Politicians

The rise of McCarthy tactics of smear and innuendo reflect more than political motives. Psychologically, they are rooted in fears and denial regarding a disintegrating sense of manhood; one that's been rooted in power, material success and external status.

Why Today's Workplace Is so Destructive to so Many People

Surveys increasingly show how damaging the workplaces are to physical and mental health, but they tend to ignore the source: the leadership and management culture of companies, and the practices that result.