6 Steps to Wellbeing and Success in Our Turbulent World

Old formulations about psychological wellbeing and success are frozen in 20th Century thinking that emphasizes managing and coping with old traumas and conflict. Today's unpredictable and interconnected, changing world requires describing the emotions, mental perspectives and behavior that support continuous growth and positive adaptation to change.

How Does Having Power Over Others At Work Affect You?

Research about the impact of having power over others at work and in personal life is highly flawed by being based on artificial situations, employing college student participants, and then drawing broad conclusions about real-life situations with adult men and women.

If Everyone Is Disturbed, Then Who's Healthy?

The definition of emotional disturbance appears to keep expanding, but that highlights the absence of a definition of psychological health -- one that's relevant to today's rapidly changing world and the challenges it creates for relationships, work, and general wellbeing.

Why Meditation Makes You More Politically Liberal

Research finds that people adopt more politically liberal positions following meditation, regardless of whether they were more liberal or conservative prior to meditation. But there's a deeper significance to the study regarding the awakening of empathy and compassion that's triggered by meditation and developing one's inner life.

Why Your Fears Shape So Much Of Your Life

Fears underlie most life conflicts, and can remain unconscious drivers of actions and decisions. But research shows that it's possible to "evolve" your emotional life and awareness in ways that transform fears into positive actions and new growth.

Why Self-Deception Can Be Healthy for You

Some forms of deceiving yourself serve a positive purpose for your life

Loneliness Harms Your Health—and It's Increasing

Research shows that loneliness harms our health, but it's important to recognize that it's fueled by our social conditioning to seek self-worth through external criteria of recognition, money and power. A hollow inner life results, setting the stage for isolation and loneliness, whether by yourself or in a crowd.

Taking Down The Christmas Tree...With Elvis And My Kids

When my kids were no longer interested in an old family tradition I didn't want to accept it. But its demise helped me realize that impermanence and change are always occurring throughout our lives.

Hidden Psychological Roots of Gun Violence and Mental Health

The roots of gun violence committed by disturbed individuals lie in some destructive, negative values and behavior in our culture that promote disconnection, absence of empathy for those who are different from oneself, and extreme self-interest.

How Your Karma Can Undermine Midlife Growth And Renewal

Failing to accept and deal with the consequences of past actions can undermine new growth and vitality during midlife. Living with the impact of your past actions is the foundation for knowing how to alter your present and future.

Fallen Generals…And Our Own Private Truths

The Petraeus scandal is just an extreme, titillating version of a disconnect in many people's lives between their public self and private self; between outer lies and inner truths.

The Return Of "Mainstream" Republicans?

Historically, Republicans maintained their positions while also compromising with Democrats to achieve legislation that benefitted the country. We may see a return to their role as "collaborative adversaries" in the second term of the Obama administration.

Why Your Work Will Continue To Drive You Crazy!

The workplace continues to create conflicts for many people. Emotional and physical stress are the consequences, not the source of the problem.

Why You're Likely to Believe Political Lies

Political lies are likely to stick in your mind and resist information that debunks them. Here's why.

Have Doubts About Marrying? You Should Heed Them!

If you harbor doubts about the person you're about to marry, there's reason to beware: New research shows that you're more likely to divorce. This shows the importance of listening to - and acting upon - your inner voice. It always knows the truth!

Why Leaving Your Relationship Will Improve It

You need to "leave" your relationship to energize it emotionally and sexually

The Presidential Campaign Reveals Two Contrasting Views Of Personal Success

The 2012 presidential campaign exposes a clash between an older, narrowly focused -- and declining -- view of success, and one that’s both broader and steadily rising. It has both social and political implications worth our attention.

Five Steps That Reveal Your Life's Purpose

It can be hard to know your purpose for being in today's culture.

Is Radical Transparency the Key to Relationship Success?

Radical Transparency is the key to sustaining intimacy.

How You Can Alter Your Past Or Your Future — And Change Your Present Life

Can you travel back into your past and alter something that will change yourself in the present? And could you travel into your future, and also alter your present? It looks like it might be possible, and it’s not science fiction.

Can You "Grow Up" at Midlife? Here Are Five Ways

Not long ago conventional thinking about midlife held that it's a time for holding on as best you can in the face of steady decline and loss. But if you're a baby boomer, you know that's shifted as fellow boomers show more attention to health and want continued vitality — even new growth — emotionally, sexually and creatively.

Why Obama and Romney Both Misunderstand "The American Dream"

As Romney begins his pivot, he and President Obama are highlighting their competing visions for growing prosperity and riches: One, building from the bottom up; the other, trickling from the top down.

Awakening Your True Self Within Your False Self

Some readers have asked me to elaborate more on what I wrote in my previous post, regarding the “self within the self.” Here, I explain that a bit more, emphasizing the growing links between Western science and Eastern perspectives about consciousness and the physical universe.

Life's Turning Points: The Mystery of the Self Within Your Self

There’s always a message contained in what you turned away from, or towards. It’s a message from your true self, to the self that you identify with.