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When Music Makes You Cry

A new study suggests that the reasons music makes us feel like crying reveal something about our personalities.

Fatal Attraction

An intriguing link has been identified between unconventional sexual behavior and a common parasite, which is acquired from cats.

Brainwaves Different in People Addicted to Internet Gaming

After sampling only 10 minutes of brainwave patterns while Internet gamers sat doing nothing, researchers can see differences in their functional brain connectivity.

Humans Are Genetically Predisposed to Kill Each Other

A new study of 1,024 mammal species has determined which animals are the most vicious killers of their own kind. For the answer, just look in the mirror.

Fact Check, Gun Control and Suicide

The facts do not support the Washington Post argument that stricter gun control will lower U.S. suicide rates 20-38 percent.
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A Neuroscience Perspective on Brexit

The “T” trigger in the LIFEMORTS mnemonic of the nine neural circuits of rage in the human brain accounts for the momentous decision of the United Kingdom to exit the EU.

The Science of Violence

A leading cause of death throughout the prime of life is not disease. It is violence.
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Marijuana Use Increases Violent Behavior

Continued cannabis use increases odds for subsequent commission of violent crimes by 7 fold, similar to the increased risk of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes for 40 years.
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The Explosive Mix of Sex and Violence

The mass sexual assaults in Cologne illuminate a dark side of human nature—how sex and violence are interlinked in the human brain.

The Neuroscience of Herding and the Government Shutdown

What we are seeing play out on the national stage during the government shutdown is the neuroscience of herding behavior.

Brain Scan Can Reveal How Much School Work You’ve Done

The number years of schooling a person completed in their youth can be seen by lasting changes in their brain structure and function, which also prevent cognitive decline in aging.

Why Can’t We Get Along?

What is the role of genetics and parenting on forming interpersonal relationships as adults?

Low Testosterone: Where’s the Beef?

Low-T and sex drive? Where's the evidence to back the commercial claims? New studies question the widely held belief that testosterone levels are related to sex.

St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Doubles Risk of Brain Stroke

One hangover a year doubles the risk of brain stroke according to new study.
A Tickling Way to Reduce Fear

A Tickling Way to Reduce Fear

Forget about anxiety-reducing drugs. Relief from fear is at your fingertips—tickling.

Cognitive Enhancement Without Drugs

Simple method to boost brain power—eat breakfast

Knowing Your Fate

If you carry a gene for a serious genetic disorder would you want to know? How would such knowledge affect your life?

What Does it Take to Succeed in School?

New study finds that “smarts” is not the most important factor in getting good grades: personality is.
Avoiding Collisions:  The Unconscious Mind at Work

Avoiding Collisions: The Unconscious Mind at Work

How our brain constantly monitors our surroundings automatically and acts to prevent collision.

How to Measure Propensity for Aggression with a 6-Inch Ruler

Two measurements of a man's hand can predict how aggressive and domineering he will be.
Religion and Reason

Religion and Reason

Study finds analytic thinking promotes religious disbelief.

Cocaine Shrinks the Brain

You no doubt know that it eats holes in your nose and can cause heart attacks, but the latest research reports that cocaine abuse also shrinks the brain.

Obesity Caused by Non-Neuronal Cells (Glia) in the Brain

Researchers have discovered how to keep mice slim, trim, and energetic while gorging on a fatty diet. Brain cells called glia are the answer.

Diversity Promotes Selfishness—Forced Integration is the Answer

Ethnic and religious diversity in a society undermines cooperation. Can forced integration of schools help?

Search for the Genius Gene

Intelligence is in part inherited. New study seeks to identify the smart gene.

Eat Your Guts Out: Why Envy Hurts and Why It's Good for Your Brain

If envy is so bad, why does it persist in human behavior?

Brain Wiring

Wiring up the male and female brain

Why We Prefer Certain Colors

Why do we put these things in our food?

The Deadliest Disorder

Mental illnesses can be life threatening, but which one has the highest mortality rate?