Narcissism and the Myths That Just Won’t Die

Why I'm done with narcissism

Is Donald Trump Actually Insecure Underneath?

Yes, Donald Trump is probably a narcissist. But does that mean he's insecure underneath? The evidence for the "mask model" of narcissism.

How Dare You Say Narcissism Is Increasing?

Are today’s young people more narcissistic than previous generations? And how else are they different – or the same? We know more than you might think.

The Revenge of the Insulted Narcissist

It's now emerging that Colorado theater shooter James Holmes failed his graduate school oral exams last month. Although he graduated from UC Riverside with honors as an undergraduate, leading the chancellor of the university to say "Academically, he was at the top of the top," those who worked with Holmes directly say his research work was often substandard.

It’s Not the Breastfeeding That’s Wrong; It’s the Indulgence

Attachment parenting – and especially the extended breastfeeding that goes with it – has everyone talking today after Time magazine featured a cover photo of a mother breastfeeding her nearly 4-year-old son.

What Is Your Generation Like?

They are shaping a new world, but no one knows what to call them. Americans born between 1982 and 1999 (now ages 13 to 30) have been called Millennials, GenY, NetGen, Generation Me, and iGen. Not only is their name in dispute, but there's disagreement about how they differ from previous generations.

Is your daughter getting a little narcissism for Christmas?

Most striking, the website associated with the dolls is called Let's count off the so-big-you-can't-miss-them hyperindividualistic messages embedded in this name.

Shhh, don't tell: Individualism has its upsides

Individualism is the belief that the self is more important than social rules. Sometimes that leads to self-centeredness and disaster. In this case, the social rule -- don't be gay, and if you are, hide it -- was wrong. That's why today is a great day.

The anti-narcissist: Our true hero

The first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since 1976 says he did nothing extraordinary and credits his fellow soldiers. He is a shining example of humility, the opposite of narcissism.

The "debate" about narcissism increasing: More twists than a crime novel

The debate over whether narcissism is increasing has lasted for three years. Here's the story of why it's over.