Girls, Technology, and the Classroom

As increased technology makes it way into our children's classrooms, girls face increasing pressures from school social networking.

Are Teen Girls Falling Flat From “Leaning In” Too Far?

The problem is not that young women lack ambition, determination, or drive. Instead, it is as though some of them are leaning in so far they might fall over. As they move into young adulthood, these enthusiastically ambitious girls may barely have enough energy to broker a seat at any table, much less take on the challenges related to juggling work and life commitments.

Food, Fuel, and Teen Girls

Encouraging teen girls to become proactively engaged in making better nutrition choices for improved health, vitality, and wellness.

De-stressing Teen Girl Angst

Dealing with stressed out and overwhelmed teen girls? Here are five simple, practical strategies to help promote positive wellness and development.

The Game of Threes

Why do we stress out and feel guilty over New Year's Resolutions? How simple reframing can make a big difference. Encourage girls and young women to decrease stress and increase fun in 2013 with the "Game of Threes," a simple and effective alternative designed to promote collaborating, creating, and relaxing.