Are you spending too much and saving too little? Please answer True or False to the following questions to find out.

1. You have clothes that you purchased more than three months ago that you have not yet worn.
2. You typically carry a balance from month to month on a credit card.
3. You do not know within 20% the value of your savings account.
4. In the last year, you have purchased an expensive item that several weeks later you regretted buying.
5. You have not used coupons in the last month.
6. You have more shoes than toes.
7. Shopping is a typical activity that you do with your friends.
8. You have never spoken to an investment advisor about your retirement plans.
9. Shopping makes you happy.
10. You do not typically use the Internet to find the best prices when you shop.

Scoring: Zero for False, one for True. If you scored from 0-5, it is likely that you are doing well saving. If you scored more than 5, you are probably spending too much. If you scored 8 or more, it's time to make some changes!

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