Life with a Mentally Ill Parent

A riveting new book chronicles one woman's experiences with a mentally-ill parent, and offers remarkable inspiration for coping as an adult

If We Don't Ask, We'll Never Know

After a few minutes with a mental health professional, this is what parents are shocked to learn about their kids.

How 6th Grade Predicts Your Future

Recent research reveals remarkably strong links between the way you got along with your peers in elementary school and a wide range of outcomes in adulthood.

Don't Click! A Simple Solution to Save our American Girls

What if we banded together to stop the assault on our daughter's mental health? Every one of us has contributed to the horrible media messages that bombard American girls. But there is is one simple solution. Don't click! If for one month, no one clicked on internet stories that distorted girls' values about their self worth, then we would be sending a message to stop!

Is Your Child’s Therapy a Waste of Time?

You can rely on a pediatrician to offer treatment proven to work, but this is not the case for mental health providers. Parents need to ask questions, do their research, and select treatment that has been proven to work. This piece offers tips and warnings that every parent needs to know!

Is iPhone Raising Your Child?

Social media changes how adolescents develop, and that has big implications when this generation enters adulthood. How is your child's development being affected by living in a social media world?

Growing Up Twitbook: Top 10 Predictions Of Life in 2024!

What will the world look like when it is run by people who never knew life without social media? A generation of adolescents is about to enter adulthood and change life for all of us!

Holiday Break or Holiday Breakdown? Coping With Your Kids

Is it OK if you are secretly dreading such an extended period of time with your family? How do you reduce conflicts, and reduce your guilt about wanting to have the kids go back to school?

Hollywood: Not Too Different From High School?

What makes kids most popular in High School? What makes celebrities most popular in Hollywood? Some striking similarities and differences are revealed!

NKOTB/BSB - Sign of Apocalypse or More Evidence that 11 Year Old Girls Rule Hollywood?

Enter the boy band. Or any other male prototype of a young, not sexually threatening, highly popular object of affection. This icon can serve many important psychological functions for the tween girl.

New Research Explains why Adolescents Self-Injure! by Joseph Franklin

What do you do when you’re stressed out? Talk to friends? Listen to music?  Chances are that you would not even think about doing something like, say, cutting your arm with a knife until you draw blood.

Jocks, Brains, Populars: Crowds' Effects On You

Chances are, if you attended a public high school in the United States, or in several other Western nations, then you know all about the Brains, the Populars, the Druggies, and the Jocks.

Excessively asking for reassurance: A recipe for depression?

Some adolescents ask for reassurance a lot. Maybe too much.