How to Find Peace and Happiness this Holiday Season

How do we stay merry and bright this holiday season while avoiding too much disappointment, regret, and burnout. The science of Positive Psychology holds the key! Maintaining meaning, equanimity, gratitude, giving to others and savoring positive experiences can create both holiday and lasting happiness.

Ten Scientific Reasons Why You’re Feeling Depressed

We all have those “blah” days, but why do they happen and what can we do about them? The latest research studies show many potential culprits, ranging from the weather and hormones to brain chemistry, negative thinking, and lifestyle. Read on to find out more.

Who Can You Trust?

One of the most important decisions you make in life is deciding whom to trust. Trusting the wrong person can make you vulnerable to date rape, being taken advantage of, financial losses, next morning "walks of shame," and other undesirable outcomes. So how do you protect yourself from trusting the wrong person? Understanding your brain's automatic processing can help.

Here's How to Stop Catastrophizing About Ebola!

The widespread panic about an ebola epidemic in the U.S. is a perfect example of what psychologists call “catastrophizing.” To catastrophize means to overestimate the probability of a negative event occurring. You may also see the event as uncontrollable and all-powerful and you may underestimate your resources to cope or your ability to obtain assistance from others.

Find Relief From the Stress of Life's Daily Hassles

Daily hassles are the small, day to day irritations, repeated many times, that drive us all crazy. Research shows they can be as toxic to our long-term health. Learn why this is so and what to do to protect yourself from a buildup of toxic daily stress.

Three Habits to Avoid if You Want To Achieve Your Dreams

We all want to feel like we’re being productive and getting things done. But many of us motivate ourselves in ineffective ways or make less than optimal choices about what we take on. Learn how to replace mindless rushing ahead and self-criticism with smarter ways to motivate yourself,

Eight Toxic Weight Loss Thinking Traps You Should Avoid

When you think about weight in "all or none" terms, have unrealistic expectations, or define your self-worth only in terms of weight, you become too hyper-focused on weight loss, creating anxiety and obsession that can derail your attempts to live healthier Don't be a victim of these eight common "weight thinking traps" and learn to replace them with healthier views.

The 30 Most Common Reasons People Might Criticize You

Criticism is a universal experience but also a painful one. Being criticized may trigger fear, shame, anger and insecurity. Emotional intelligence means understanding the critic's intent, the context, and nuances of the situation so you can respond mindfully and effectively. This may mean speaking up for yourself, setting limits, compromising, or taking corrective action

The Neuroscience of Fairness and Injustice

We seem to have a happiness response to fair treatment and a disgust or protest response to unfairness. This brain wiring has implications for life happiness, relationship satisfaction, raising kids, and organizational leadership. This article will examine how we define fairness, how your brain processes experiences of fairness and unfairness, and how to cope with life’s

5 Powerful Happiness Habits You Can Start Today

Although part of happiness is biological, there are things we can do that have been proven to increase our enjoyment of life. Some of these involve a change of mental focus, some involve cultivating relationships, while others involve learning and practicing new habits and ways of behaving.Learn about the five key happiness tricks you can't afford to miss.

Five Things You Need to Know for Success at Love and Dating

One key part of attracting an available partner is to work on our own personal growth, perhaps moving outside of our comfort zone to expand our sphere of interests and relationships. A second powerful skill is to work on our own issues with insecure attachment and insecurity that may inadvertently block us from finding the love we seek.

Spiritual Tools for Life Challenge With Author Toni Bernhard

When we turn away from unpleasantness, instead of being willing to stay in the moment with it, we increase our suffering by adding resentment or frustration. My interview with, Buddhist-inspired author Toni Bernhard provides insight into the nature of human suffering and practical tools to deal with difficult life situations.

Rethinking the Way We Look at Stress

Stress is not inherently good or bad. It’s just a natural part of living in a changing, evolving universe. Researchers have found that healthy stress (or “eustress”) exists alongside unhealthy stress. If we never had to face new challenges, life would be monotonous and boring and we wouldn’t grow. So, how can we turn stress into growth-producing challenge?

Can You Make Your Dreams Come True?

When faced with frustration of important goals, you may feel angry, helpless, or inadequate. You may feel stuck—not knowing whether to persevere or give up. This article shows there are better ways of coping. When what you are doing is not working, you need to do something different and you have a couple of options.

Feeling Deprived Can Lead to Some Illogical Behavior

When we feel short of time, love, or money, we may feel like we need to operate in emergency mode – penny-pinching, being guarded, or scheduling every second of our days. New theories and research about the psychology of scarcity help us understand how scarcity leads to poor decision-making and how to combat the scarcity mind traps.

Unwrap Mindfulness & Abundant Mindset this Holiday Season

With these easy to practice Mindfulness and Self-Compassion tools, you will be well-equipped to ride out the ups and downs of the holidays. Read how to maintain a balanced outlook, soften and soothe painful feelings, and practice an abundant mindset.

10 Research-Based Truths About People in Love

Love is part hearts and flowers and the stuff romantic movies are made of, and part hard work and commitment. We can love many people, not only our partners, and love makes us healthier and happier. A peak experience in the moment, love can also be a lasting facet of our lives, encompassing many different relationships and experiences.

What Truly Successful People Know That You Don't

Successful people do not have boundless energy or superhuman capabilities.They have just figured out how to work smarter, rather than harder. They understand the secrets of willpower, and know how to schedule their priorities, rather than prioritize their schedules. They take time to replenish their energy & nurture relationships. Find out how you can do this too!

Why Self-Compassion Helps You Meet Life's Challenges

Do you motivate yourself with self-criticism and worry about all the bad things that will happen if you don’t get it together? While this may create that extra surge of adrenaline to meet your work deadline, get to the gym, or get your house cleaned, it comes at a cost. You get all stressed out & rebel. Read about a healthier way to get the job done & stay in balance.

Why Today's Leaders Need to Know Psychology

The past decade's research in brain science has uncovered new knowledge about human fear and motivation, yet leaders are often unaware of this information and how to apply it. This article describes how psychological knowledge about the mechanisms of anxiety, uncertainty, and motivation can help leaders make better decisions, manage stress, and enhance employee engagement.

Why We Gain Weight When We’re Stressed—And How Not To

Stress that goes on for a long period is a triple whammy for weight—it increases our appetites, makes us hold onto the fat, and interferes with our willpower to live a healthy lifestyle. Read about the four major reasons stress leads to weight gain and learn about four great research-based coping strategies you can use to fight back.

The Best Quotes on Healthy Living

In modern Western society, we deeply value good health, yet our pressured, hurried way of life is so out of balance with our biological needs that health damage is the inevitable result. We forget the age old wisdom that health means soundness not only of body, but of mind and spirit as well. The following quotes illustrate what health is really about - living in balance.

Five Ways Living Mindfully Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Research shows Mindfulness-Based interventions can help people deal with uncontrollable symptoms, decrease anxiety and depression, be more productive, Learn how they can help you focus and be productive when faced with stress and distress.

Four Steps to Relationship Repair With The H-E-A-L Technique

Love relationships are not all sunsets and roses, but involve a complicated dance. When your relationship gets off track, repair it using the H-E-A-L technique. By Hearing concern, Empathizing, Acting to change, & expressing Love, you let your partner know that their needs matter and that you care. This creates healing energy to restore relationship health.

Become the CEO of Your Own Brain in Six Easy Steps

You may have tried to control your thoughts at one time or another. With the aid of self-help books, perhaps you really tried to “Be Positive” and “Show Negativity the Door.” And this may have even worked for a while. But sooner or later, you probably found yourself back at the starting point. I’m here to tell you that there is another way. And that is to become the CEO o

Why We Can't Just Get Rid of Anxiety & Distress

Although we don't like to feel anxiety and distress, they are part of our brain's hardwiring and difficult to get rid of. In fact, the things we do not to feel distress, such as addictive behavior or avoidance, often create worse problems than the emotions themselves. Read why negative emotions are such a struggle for us.

Why We Can't Stop Watching "The Real Housewives"

From the sparkling, huge infinity pool and panoramic view from Lisa Vanderpump’s garden, to the Arabian tiled halls of Mohamed Hadid’s 48,000 square foot Crystal Palace, we are both repulsed and fascinated by the Housewives decadent extravaganza of magnificence. What's the psychology behind our fascination with Reality TVs altered universe?

Turning to the Positive: Personal Growth After Trauma

Research shows that many people report psychological growth and positive psychological changes resulting from highly stressful events. This growth does not “undo” the negative effects, but may co-exist with them, or my be the result of therapeutic or spiritual work. Learn what this growth looks like and how to tap into it.

Why Our Brains Love Sugar - And Why Our Bodies Don't

“That glazed doughnut is calling my name. Oh yes it is!" While the jury is still out, recent research suggests sugar may be more addictive than we previously thought. How added sugars and high-fructose corn syrup mess with our brains and bodies - and why nothing good can come of it.

Ten Faces of Love in Quotes and Words

Love is not just a feeling, a thought, a spiritual state, or an action, but a combination of all of these. Using the words of philosophers and writers and some modern science, this article provides a sophisticated, yet understandable perspective on the nature of love. Understanding love better can help us to bring more love into our lives and experience it more mindfully.