There’s No Reason to Celebrate Trauma

There have been breakthroughs in how we understand and treat trauma.

The Sun Also Rises

Remembering "The Sun Also Rises."

How You Open Is How You Close

Three questions and three tips to jumpstart your talks.

Compassionate Communication

Compassionate communication safeguards love.

Empathy and the Mind-Body Connection

The double arrow of empathy

The 3 Dimensions of Communication

The 3 dimensions of communication plus 6 tips to help you make the most of them.

Inside Out

Pixar's new film shows us how feelings really work.

4 Steps to Getting a Relationship Unstuck

Number One Secret to Getting Communication Unstuck?

Money Decisions

How are you handling your money? Do you find that planning and discussing money issues are problematic? This article can help.

The Other Side of Christmas

Above and below the commercial din, Christmas can be challenging.

Classic Father and Son Talk

How much would a father sacrifice for his son?

Save Your Marriage

Three solid tips to rescue your relationship.

In the Shadow of Our Collective Sadness

Do you find the following metaphor too extreme? Many partners who contemplate divorce feel as if they are conducting their relationship inside a war zone.

In the Shadow of Our Collective Sadness

In the shadow of our collective sadness, we feel grateful that a man of Nelson Mandella’s stature has graced our lives . . . it brings me such pain to think of the plight of so many in the American military. Ponder this fact: during the most recent complete calendar year, 2012, more U.S. soldiers died from suicide than from battle casualties . . .

A Family Copes with Cancer (Part 2 of 2)

A family copes with the stress of cancer.

A Family Copes with Cancer

Beth has undergone exploratory colon surgery. The physician gave no assurance that the malignancy had been entirely removed. The doctor’s message of uncertainty, delivered in soothing tones, rained terror down on Beth.

Murder and Mindfulness: Sanity and Emotion

The alleged murder had been staged to look like a robbery gone bad.

Resolving An Impasse

Emily comes late often and Jim is usually early. Delayed by train malfunction, he is behind schedule to dinner and she lambasts him. That’s the situation as we left it. I asked whoever was interested in doing so to write in and try to describe how the situation resolved.

Some Marriages Are Fatal

The cast of characters in David Brooks’ April 3, 2012 column in The New York Times hit many of the pop culture benchmarks for shallow thinking about deep issues.

All Isn't Fair in Love... Nor Work

A recent article in the New York Times investigated events and attitudes that led Apple to outsource the manufacture of its iPhone rather than continue to employ Americans to do the job.