Sexual Assault Stories Flood the Internet—Now the Next Step

Many thousands of women are giving voice to painful experiences of traumatic assault. Many are mobilized now for more intensive healing. Find out how they can follow through.

Men’s Infidelity Support Group

One way or another the pain of infidelity must be dealt with. For some, a support group is the best way to move forward.

Stop Waiting for the Right Moment to Meditate

Too frenetic to sit for meditation? There are alternatives. Here are some of the most useful action-oriented meditation practices.

Curious About Cuba?

Cuba will bring you to your senses! Mindfulness and aliveness join hands in the jewel of the Caribbean. Experience the transformation in the island and in yourself.

The Conversation About Race and Racism in America

The conversation on race that we must encourage and participate in must be built on empathy that is laced with compassion.

Dealing With Your Partner’s Explosive Anger

Explosive anger creates turmoil and confusion. Here are four tips designed to help you sort through the negative and move towards healing and resilience.

Cognitive Dissonance and Gun Violence

Cognitive dissonance is two thoughts in your brain that contradict one another, creating insecurity and disorientation. What does that have to do with gun violence? Read on...

Can Love Live Out Loud and Proud?

Even in 2016, many still live in the closet. Despite the legalization of gay marriage, the forces of homophobic violence still exact a horrifying price from all.

9 Steps to Surviving a Partner's Betrayal

Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful can be devastating. This advice will help you sustain the pain and still move forward.

5 Ways a Group Can Help You Get What You Really Want

A group can help you to figure out what you really want and then to go after it!

A Part Of Me Thinks It’s Your Fault

Blame doesn't solve anything. An Internal Family Systems approach can help create blame-free zones to make your relationship better.

Why Forgive Trump? He Hasn’t Earned It.

When confronted with wrongdoing some people come clean, others use a disingenuous defense.

How We Live Now: Creatively and Mindfully

Only 20 percent of all US households consist of nuclear families. Bella DePaulo, acclaimed researcher, discusses contemporary living arrangements.

The Naked Truth About High School

Crossing the great divide, experience high school from the front lines.

4 (More) Solid Tips for Getting Your Relationship Unstuck

Can Jan and Evan's jealousy problem be solved through improved communication?

5 Ways To Use The Power Of Mindfulness and Compassion

How to use mindfulness and compassion to unify your family.

Good Times in the New Year

Good Things in the New Year

Let's Celebrate Trying

Results Count, Trying Brings Them Home

The Problem With Making Anger the Problem

4 tips to help you deal with anger

Overcoming Bulimia Is Possible

Learning to become a therapist requires the acquisition of many subtle skill sets.

There’s No Reason to Celebrate Trauma

There have been breakthroughs in how we understand and treat trauma.

The Sun Also Rises

Remembering "The Sun Also Rises."

How You Open Is How You Close

Three questions and three tips to jumpstart your talks.

Compassionate Communication

Compassionate communication safeguards love.

Empathy and the Mind-Body Connection

The double arrow of empathy

The 3 Dimensions of Communication

The 3 dimensions of communication plus 6 tips to help you make the most of them.

Inside Out

Pixar's new film shows us how feelings really work.

4 Steps to Getting a Relationship Unstuck

Number One Secret to Getting Communication Unstuck?

Money Decisions

How are you handling your money? Do you find that planning and discussing money issues are problematic? This article can help.