Michelle's Momentous Moment

Michelle Obama's speech, the address given by Jesse Jackson, Jr., two electrifying oratories, Ted Kennedy's appearance, one electrifying moment. Each, for different reasons, affected everyone in the room where I was watching.

Cell Phones and Tethering Through Life – Part 1

I don't have any form of Blackberry-type addictive, life ordering, log-on-to-the-universe-wherever-you-are, life-consuming device for people to get in touch with me if I'm away from a land phone. Emails can wait. So can the net. -- Please don't shoot me. Hear me out.

Movies and Psychotherapy = Cinematherapy - Part 2

Doing Cinematherapy with the BBC, at 5 O'clock, under the Hollywood Sign.

Movies and Psychotherapy = Cinematherapy - Part 1

A man in his 30s reads a book and something about how a young college student panics when he learns that a girl he slept with, just once, at a frat party, very quickly, in the corner of the party room, is pregnant. The episode in the book strikes a deep, painful chord.

Pop Culture Quizzes and the Royal Road to Candidates' Murky Truths

The questions were asked. The answers were given. The truths we sought through listening closely to positions on issues are finally revealed through the simple mind-window of popular culture preferences.

In High Stakes Politics, It’s Hard Out There For A Broad. For Blacks Too

Hillary lost her bid and her campaign was body slammed a bit too often by, of all people, Bill (ambivalence is a bitch, isn’t it?). Michelle is getting hit hard with rights and lefts from the right and was pilloried for saying what many Americans have said for years...

The Political Media and Changes of Hearts and Minds

These videos are largely seen only by the choir. Is that enough? I don’t think so.

The New Yorker magazine Cover and Tempests in Media Teapots

This satirical cover controversy is or appears to be a tempest and another round of bread and circuses for the news media maw.

Internet Addiction: Real or Really Techno-Hysteria? - Part 3

Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, these are heavy baggage, sin-related substances and activities. Curing them may be doing the Lord’s work ... But what of modern day, technology-inspired addictions? Are divine forces operating here too?

Internet Addiction: Real or Really Techno-Hysteria - Part 2

Are there some groups for which the Internet is not a world to escape to, to become addicted to, but one to embrace in order to live life more fully? Are you one of them?

Internet Addiction: Real or Really Techno-Hysteria - Part 1

The Internet can be lionized or demonized. Some live by it and others die by it? How much time do you spend on it?

The Media, the War, and An Empire's Crossroad

By now we all know how the Bush Administration maneuvered to prevent news organizations from covering the return of coffins of fallen soldiers so as to not upset the American public and dilute its support of the Iraq war.

Obama’s Star Wars in Cyberspace

Okay, Barack Obama is not Han Solo, but his cyber minions could be, and are even now fighting off Republican pulsars…oh, no, wait a minute, I’m confusing Star Wars and Star Trek…let’s pause for a moment…

Media Violence, Grand Theft Auto IV, and the Fate of A Nation

I was watching the delightful movie Juno last night. The screenwriter, Diablo Cody, has a marvelous ear for how many of us would like our young, often mistake-prone people to talk.

The Media Sham Series We Call Primary Coverage

Tuesday night we watched the end of the beginning as Democratic candidates touched history and variously claimed victory or refused to concede defeat.

The Internet and Suicide

If the Internet can be used to promote suicide can it also be used to prevent it?

What Sydney Pollack Told Me About Psychology

Sydney Pollack was saying it’s not enough to have God on your side. God should know something about filmmaking.

Media Psychology and Your Media-Crazed Life

...the public doesn’t simply sit back, sponge-like, absorbing the media mindlessly. It doesn’t passively suck in the milk of media where, when, and how it is given.