Homosexual Sex and Passion in Mainstream American Film

Drama is the serious genre. It casts the action in a more serious light. When heterosexuals are not laughing many are likely also to be less forgiving of gay "kiss, kiss, bang, bang, bad behavior," unless, maybe, your film is about two likable cowboys... and one of them dies.

Surviving A Hurricane Slaughter with Radio Riding Shotgun

We put down the wine and clutched each other's hand. Yes, we were warned. But NO VOICE, computerized or otherwise, had predicted a hurricane and NO ONE had predicted sustained winds of 60-80 mph and gusts up to 105 MPH! Yet, here we were.

How Television Can Affect Your Experience of a Stroke

As soon as that door closes, I go into “House, M.D. mode.” These guys are nuts! Don’t they know that good diagnoses rendered soon after intake are mostly death sentences? Don’t they watch House? They’ll walk out of my room, leaving me with a nurse –Yup, nurse is still here-- Blood will suddenly start to gush from my mouth. Maybe I will bleed from my pores, my naval, my eyes.

When Newspapers Die Do They Make A Sound? -

Quick, easy and emotionally sexy but often factually limp opinions, cross-dressing as "news," are replacing serious, objective-aspiring reportage in all news media, on- and off-line. News media moguls and syndicates, with eyes on revenue vs. cost streams, are readily defaulting to easily and cheaply acquired, intellectually empty news as they bring up the increasingly flabby rear of the fading Fourth Estate we call journalism.

The Oscars Ain’t The People’s Choice Awards (thank God), So Stop Complaining

Stars were never fated to align for The Dark Night. Like Quantum of Solace, …Knight is neither aesthetically or artistically a good film in the glamour areas. It had some good things about it, to be sure, which is why it had some nominations and the one for Heath Ledger, who may obliterate the memory of Jack Nicholson as the definitive Joker by underplaying and deploying nuance and irony like WMDs.

Obama and the Attack of the Elephantine Pork Police

networks like FoxNews, a media bag man for the Republicans, pleads that it covers both sides (nuances aside) to the spending bill fairly and accurately. Really? Not really.

Inauguration For Sale to Highest Bidder

If this is the open, transparent presidency that Obama declares it to be, it should be closed to these ill-conceived, Faustian bargains. What's next, paying for the right to view presidential press conferences?

Obama's Inauguration: A Day to Remember

 When I was five years old, and quite sick, my parents, as they wrapped me up in blankets and carried me to the car, explained that it was very important that I experience and remember this night. The night in question was May 8, 1945, V.E. day. I never forgot it --  The noise makers, the joy, the tears, the honking of car horns, the effusive camaraderie evident everywhere I looked. I realized something very special was occurring.

Golden Globes, Oscars and the Droning Horrors of Thank You-itis

A thought: The Golden Globes and the Oscar's ratings have been sinking like GM stock or Dubya's approval scores. You gotta wonder -- is it the economy, a decaying, senescent audience, or just too many outbreaks of thank you-itis? 

The Fog of War News and TV Coverage

It is clear that where consensual reality is elusive, so is negotiation in good faith. Too many sides have too many dogs in this never-ending fight and our news media run around like crazed chickens trying to cover all the basis, offering their good offices of TV studios to bring warring sides together to "talk" either at or to each other and make PR and political hay. All the while, callow anchor persons entreat partisans and diplomats "Can't we all just get along" while thoughtful Americans redden with embarrassment in their living rooms.

The Cell Phone Zone

Now, the cell phone-dependent's score is the connection, the phone connection. The high is the talk. If the drug addict is really desperate, he will take some wretchedly anemic score, almost anything that mimes the rush, the nod, anything that kills the need --- for a while. So too with the phone score: Speed dial, wait, nothing, speed dial again. And again. A hit. An exhale. A perk-up. 

Flash: Media Exposure Causes Obesity, Cancer, Hemorrhoids, Acne and Videophilia! Part 2

 What, you might ask, also correlates with excessive amounts of media use (or abuse) beside obesity? Well, I'll tell you: absentee parenting, latch key children, too many children for ill-equipped parents to handle, poverty, single parent households, parents who are afraid to refuse anything a child asks or screams or badgers for. Parents who are otherwise engaged, generally too preoccupied with their own needs, interests, goals, etc. to parent and use credit cards as a substitute for "quality time," add to the large list of contributions. Need I continue?

Media Interviews on Voting Poll Addiction and Withdrawal – Part 2 of 2.

For the true political addict idealistic and noble causes are not their life blood. For them, it's the fight that counts, not who is fighting. It's the process, not the outcome. For them, Obama is already yesterday. For the rest of us, Obama is today and tomorrow.

The Not So Strange Case of Abraham K. Biggs

Suicide Online is going to be, I fear, a staple of the 21st century. It's not quite snuff movie material but it's close to it, i.e., offing oneself rather than offing someone else. I use the dramatic, disrespectful term "offing" because, to a certain extent, what we're seeing is the exploitation of social interaction sites to exhibit oneself in a final act of finding relief. 

Media Interviews On Voting Poll Addiction and Withdrawal – Part 1.

Are they going through a depression, a let down, with the end of the election and the waning buzz from an adrenalin surge that tickled the brain and raced through the body after the realization that all the hard work, the contributions, the wishin', the hopin' actually did pay off? Not in a movie or a TV show. It paid off in the real world, the U.S. world, the world where hearts and dreams get shattered far more often than they get realized.

An Electrifying Election that Spoke to History

It was as though the world had bottled up its affection for America and for its once and future symbolism for 7 years and change and the cork was popped when the call burst across news screens around the globe, seconds after polls closed on the West Coast, OBAMA ELECTED PRESIDENT!  

Walking The Razor's Edge of Politics and TV Entertainment – Part 3, Finis

Sister Sarah has had an impact beyond her political rhetoric and the symbolism she has come to effect for her devoted fans, her true believers. Sarah does media and she does pop culture and that is now VERY, VERY hot in AMERICAN POLITICS because we live in a media age. We live in CLOSE UP. Sarah is the rock star  

Walking The Razor's Edge of Politics and TV Entertainment – Part 2

Sarah charms to dissemble and to disarm, both her friends and her enemies. We mustn't forget this when we take the measure of this politician, nor forget the lean and hungry look that often peeks out from behind her well-manicured mask, a look that quickly scurries back into hiding behind calming, country colloquialisms.

Walking The Razor's Edge of Politics and TV Entertainment – Part 1

Reactions to Sarah Palin's appearance on SNL this past week were all over the map and clearly breaking along political lines. Did she hit a triple or hit into a triple play? Truth? Not in this man's army. Not only can't we handle it, we can't even find it. Surfing the media spheres, it looked like Palin's performance was another Rorschach moment for pundits.

The Last Debate Show

"For God's sake, John, how can I vote for you when I feel smarter than you! I'm not supposed to feel smarter than you. You're supposed to feel smarter than me! Obama feels smarter than me most of the time, why can't you?"

Life in the Disconnected Zone

Why live life when you can mediate it, record it, film it, digitalize it, pixilate it. It would appear that it is becoming better to "capture" a legend than directly experience him. Is that really what memories are made of, capturing the moment rather than being in the moment?

Sarah Palin, the Dancing Queen of VP Debates

The hundred million strong American TV audience reacting to the TV star that is Sarah Palin, the Mr. and Mrs. America for whom she is clearly the poster VP candidate, watched, smiled and felt confidant once again in the woman who is like them…sorta.

McCain-Obama and 10 Rounds to a Draw…Sorta

It's a nervous little smile, not the wide, Presidential smile that Obama repeatedly flashed (oh my God, how can I be so unabashedly biased!?) In other words, McCain was intent on "dissin' " Obama at every opportunity. Obama was rather significantly more respectful. Whether the red meat and the "elite" viewers appreciated this difference is unknown to me at this point.

Mal de Media - Part 3 Solutions

Sitting in front of the screen or pacing around the floor in front of it, I felt vulnerable and threatened. The more I watched, the more upset I became. Neighbors called, sharing their alarm. Media-repeated words and images ricocheted off walls of consciousness. My blood pressure rose. My temples pounded. Warnings were issued by city authorities. The dangers of leaving home were itemized like a way-to-die cheat sheet. And as the hours smashed ahead, it just kept getting worse.

Mal de Media - Part 2

It's 5 AM. I can't sleep through the night. Haven't since the conventions. I worry. Everything I own is worrying. I can't escape it. My mind is worrying. My shadow government is worrying. My pillow is worrying. My cat, Waif, is worrying. Even Noodleman, our lawn-resident chipmunk, is worrying. McCain will win!

Mal de Media, or Why the Media is Pushing Me Into Wrist-Cutting Mode?

I'm not the only one who is worried. Virtually all my friends, my social network, are seeing whispering, muttering ravens everywhere and are sure they're hearing owls calling out the name Obama as they perch on branches over the river Styx.

Cell Phones and Other ICTs - The Devices That Are Eating the World

According to the former executive editor of Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly, ICT-savvy people are making conscious choices about which tech appliances to avoid and which to employ, along the lines of how, when, where, why and to what extent. For them, having it all is not paradise, but paradise lost.

Cell Phones and Tethering - Part 2

You're a media psychologist. How can you not have a cell phone?!