Is There an Epidemic of Vampire-Imitating Love Biters?

 "Love bites are cool" No doubt we will be in for a rash of such illusions, delusions and obsessions for a bit of time and many vampire clubs and raves will flourish. And maybe Lestat will be just another face in the crowd, looking for blood in all the wrong places.

How the Social Media Can Help You be Neurotic for Fun, Profit, and Celebrity

 They are playing the game of how to be neurotic for fun, profit and celebrity.  It's an idea whose time has come and shows no sign of going very soon.

The Gulf Coast Nightmare: Technological Hubris and the Anger of Impotence

Unlike Bush, Obama has no evil Dr. Evil Cheney to distract and divert the fury and revenge lust, no Karl Rove to play Iago to Obama's Othello. Ironically, in the game of blame, Obama's image as smart against Bush's image of dull, will work against him as well. If he's so smart, why can't he fix things? Those from whom we expect the most fall the farthest in disappointment or failure.

Entertainment Tonight and the C-Word: Beating Up Women for Laughs

It seems that 51% of our species must account for, be punished for, not being perfect, not sporting 11 year old skin; must be ridiculed, derided for showing any signs of wear, tear and imperfection. Why there is there not more insanity in women beyond what we usually see is most amazing. As a woman, where do you run? Where do you turn?

Elena Kagan is an Obamalyte, Lesbian, Pentagon Hater

 There is no biological or psychological evidence of which I am aware that heterosexuality provides the innate or acquired path to truth, logic, and the American way. And certainly not to justice.

Can Digital Sex with Your iPad Ever Be Wrong?

Truth is, everyone is a potential addict waiting for their personal drug, their action, to come along -- heroin, running, junk food or social media. They all can be streetcars of desire to someone, for a month, a year, or a lifetime. Others just use the action to make life easier, more fun or more productive, and move on.

The Media and America’s State of Political Disunion – Part 2

It is my contention that the GOP has cultivated its radical elements to take back by deceit, disingenuous burps of patriotism, and brilliant manipulations what it lost through the electoral process. It has harnessed money, media, and angry troops to help in that dishonest endeavor.

The Media and America's State of Political Disunion - Part 1-My Rant

Let us not forget our rabble-rousers-in chief, the four horsepersons of the Foxapocalypse: Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Sarah Palin, and their fellow traveler, Rush Limbaugh. Together, this tag team throws enough red meat out to their faithful, to give the right wing a colossal case of gout, enough red meat that FoxNews should rebrand itself "The Butcher to the airways" and drop the borderline psychotic "fair and balanced" masquerade.

I'm Not A doctor But I Play One On TV

Many people learn their versions of reality from fictional portrayals of reality in the media. We would be wiser media producers and consumers if we recognized that benign entertainment for some is serious education for others.

The Grammys, Ageism, and Fighting Back Against Youth Idolatry

 Youth spend less discriminately, more rashly, and more freely on more popular culture-related items like music and clothes than "non-youth." The young have been found to be more brand conscious as well. The youth market is thus perceived as a cash cow, or a golden revenue stream (I could say "golden shower," but I shall restrain myself.)

The 52nd Annual Grammys: Magnificent but Geezer-Phobic

If the Grammy youth march continues apace, Mr. Jamie Fox may not be allowed on stage next year without a performing fetus beside him.

Cerebral Strokes, Media Games and the Kindle

Inside/Out was about a compulsive gambler (Jimmy Morgan, played by Eliott Gould), who, while being agoraphobic, (powerful fear of going outdoors) nonetheless managed to live a rather diversely occupied life with the aid of high technology in the Internet's Paleolithic period.I was reminded of this movie after my second hemorrhagic stroke last October, when, in my left hand, I lost ... much of my sense of touch as well as fine motor coordination. It left me feeling like there is a quarter-inch callous on my fingers.

Democratic Vs. Republican Women:Sexist Politics or Just No Sense of Humor

About these Democratic and Republican women. Let's have IQ comparisons; or is that off limits because you can't have sex with it?

Adam Lambert and Tiger Woods: A Tale of Two American Idol Scandals

 Tiger Woods cannot avoid the negative publicity, mocking gossip, the reach of the intrusive paparazzi, late night TV comedy evisceration -- or the dreaded, whiney wrath of CNN's Nancy Grace. All that's missing is a giant, Times Square running Bimbo score board.

Adam Lambert and Performance Porn at the AMA Show

So, Lambert has run smack into both the American hetero-homosexual double standard but also the lesbian-gay double standard.  

Rush Limbaugh, the Rams and My Reader Outrage

 Such is the case with Limbaugh. His broadcast droppings are redolent spoors good hunters pick up on, track down and finally hang on their own broadcast walls, trophies of "the good hunt."

If Rush Limbaugh buys the St. Louis Rams, Will it Become All White or All Right?

When it comes to the passions of prejudice and the bellowing of bigots, the Id dominates. When the microphone or the camera beckons, that's catnip for exhibitionists like Rush.  

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize to Shock, Awe, and Dismay can just imagine the Rumplestilson reactions that will echo across this nation. Some will trumpet their disdain, others will whisper it. Both will try to minimize it or find some scintilla of socialism lurking below the surface.

Oprah "no like" Mackenzie Phillips' incest tale

You know what, regardless of the incestuous bonds they share or the silent rape of body and mind that forms the nerve endings of their pasts, I don't think Oprah likes Mackenzie Phillips.

Radical Republicans, Health Care Reform and Hooliganism

 Rep. Jim Moran spoke truth to the threat of crude power simmering in the audience at the Town Hall meeting on Health Care Reform. His supporters, who came to learn and perhaps to stand against the zealots, were ready to help him maintain the peace and order.

Julie and Julia: Sex and French Food

America had a true love affair with Julia Child. It was a time before the fast food -- obesity epidemic that is today's state of mind and of body. A time before taking your kids to McDonalds was presented as an act of familial love.

Why is Bill Kristol Playing Jon Stewart's Bitch?

Really, seriously, what is it with politico William Kristol and his apparent need to periodically guest on The Daily Show and be skewered, dismembered, eviscerated, flayed, beaten into the ground like a Loony Tunes cartoon coyote, all the while smiling a sickly grin as if to say, I'm lovin' it--all the while whispering, 'I'm here with my whip-lashing, black leathered, exquisite master of pain, Jon, the Visitor of Purification, Stewart?

Jon Stewart:Trust a Comedian to be Trusted With the Truth

Stewart will confront people, gently or with unrelenting, hollow point bullet humor, in order to get to the truth behind the cant, the facts behind the fiction.

Where Were You When Walter Cronkite's Death was Announced?

 There I was, at Hugh's house, talking guy stuff, something to do with Samurai swords and the art of crafting their hair-slicing edge - very "Kill Bill" hormonics -- when my wife sidled over to this male pod and interrupted us to announce that Walter Cronkite had just died.

Michael Jackson's Memorial "Concert"

The overarching fact of this Michael Jackson attention bubble was that the man and the myth were everywhere. Suddenly and once again, the media was all Michael all the time -- Klieg lights in cyberspace and beyond. Was this just too much? A gross misordering of priorities?

Good-bye, Michael

 Michael Jackson died a few hours ago. Throngs are now gathering outside his hospital window, looking up at his hospital window. Waiting? Perhaps for a glimpse of... of something that connects their glances to his life and death.

First you Googled It. Then You YouTubed It. Now You Skype It .

 With Skype, now everyone effectively lives in L.A., even if their mailing address is in North Dakota, Trinidad or Kabul.With Skype technology, the world of televised communications tilted just slightly on its axis.  

"Swarm Journalism" in Iran: Media and Political Revolutions

In a very real sense, new journalists, from "reporters" at ground zero, whether it's in Tehran or Mumbai, along with their blogging, Twittering brothers and sisters, have begun to constitute what can only be called swarm journalism. 

The 2009 Tony Awards: How to Body Slam a Broadway Musical

 I love Broadway Theater.  I love musicals.  I even married a Broadway hoofer so she could dance for me in our bedroom and I could see her on stage.  But I wept when I watched what they did to the musical numbers on the 2009 Tony Awards show.  Wept, I tell you.