And He Knew All the Words

Stuart Fischoff pioneered Media Psychology. He was a TV talk-show shrink—until it got too rowdy even for him. He knew all the words to Sondheim. And now he's gone.

Stubborn, defiant Attitudes in Tornado Alley

I was angry for the children of Moore—alive, dead or missing—who were without choices. Would the children choose to rebuild in Tornado Alley?

The Battle for Same-Sex Marriage: It's Almost Over

In the end, it’s brains and hearts that are the vital organs in successful gay or lesbian marriages, not penises and vaginas — just like in heterosexual marriages.

Boston Marathon--great surveillance too much surveillance?

We all want to help reduce crime and terrorism. But there is danger in forgetting that a policed state bursting with surveillance technology, despite the best intentions, is a menace itself.

Sexy, Dangerous Women Are Everywhere

Are these mass produced, nascent female archetypes catering to or actually creating a taste in men for machisma, for weaponized female bodies, for eroticized G.I. Janes?

In Praise of Older Women

“Nailed it!” I yelled as I exhaled and flopped back in my chair. My wife and I applauded wildly as we eyed Bassey smiling at the roaring crowd. As they say in sports, she left it all on the field.

"Commercial Creep"—I Hate Commercials and You Should Too

As futurist and author Aldous Huxley prophesied, we are becoming a people enslaved, not by what we fear but by what we love – this cornucopia of media conveniences, digital gadgets and appliances. I am what I buy.

How A Laundry Detergent Commercial Saved the World

Is there something in the cultural zeitgeist that birthed these Tide commercials? Legalized gay marriage, gay adoptions, jump in house husbands, or is it women as primary or equal wage earners in nuclear families?

Jodie Foster: To Come Out Lesbian Or Let Sleeping Rumors Lie

The Gay Stigma: A major reason film and television actors publicly deny, hide, or are evasive about their homosexuality is that coming out can and often does seriously hurt their careers. Should an actor come out if they don't have to, just to "take one for the movement"?

Snapshots of Smartphones and Clueless People

in Rome I saw young Romans riding Vespas in the horrific traffic, steering with one hand and speed dialing with the other.Worse, one death-wisher steered with one hand, held his phone on his thigh while he texted.

Why No Photos of the Slaughtered Newtown Children?

“A picture is worth a thousand words and rouses passions that are necessary to do politically what has to be done—like get angry and direct that anger into sustained political action.”

Our Love-Hate Relationship With Scary Movies

In "Psycho," the tension-building elements are so craftily engineered that the suspense is literally unbearable — but exquisitely so.

High Noon: Biden vs. Ryan vs. Raddatz

For a few seconds Biden and Ryan look like two actors auditioning for the VP role of in the latest Aaron Sorkin political drama; or maybe two high school kids called into the principal’s office, trying not to look nervous (well, maybe one kid and his father).

Obama, Romney, and Lehrer, Oy Vey!

Obama looked distracted and at times like his train of thought jumped the track. Jim Lehrer lost control from the get-go. The debates need a new Sheriff.

Did Clint Eastwood “Trojan Horse” Romney’s Campaign?

What the hell were Eastwood’s betrayals, his SINS, that he warranted the bilious “truthiness” of a Michael Moore hatchet job?
The Man Who Killed Batman

The Man Who Killed Batman

Mass murders are never truly senseless, are they? Gunmen on murder missions, mad or angry, have reasons, reasons that most victims will never know.

HBO's "The Newsroom": Sorkin Talks Truth To Stupid

Something else is distinctive about Aaron Sorkin's writing: the political right and left usually make intelligent arguments for their positions. In Sorkin's menagerie of opinionators, few are easy marks or straw men like Hannity or Glenn Beck.

Dorothy Sandusky: A Woman Who Saw Nothing

Dorothy's mind and senses closed to all suspicions and suggestive evidence about the “real” Jerry Sandusky while she stayed married to the fiction.

When the Going Gets Tough, Liberals Cross Borders

Those on the right never leave. They stay and fight the liberals, the Socialists, the Progressives, the Obamas. They obstruct, they subvert, they start think tanks and make long range plans to take back the government,

Zombie Issues and Trump’s “Birther” Pangs

Donald Trump is the Energizer Bunny of modern politics: No drum but a loud voice. Good for news but bad for America.

Celebrity - The Incest of Actors, Politicians, and Journalists.

What I find most fascinating about the D.C. Correspondents' Annual Dinner event is how each year it is looking more and more like the Oscars. Hollywood and D.C. Filmmakers and politicians: Both love publicity, celebrity, and the power to influence.

The Case Against George Zimmerman

Angela Corey strode to the microphone and laid out the general details of the arrest and of the charge of homicide against George Zimmerman. The decompression in the media and the public was audible, except for those now outraged.

Skype : Devil or Angel, I Can’t Make Up My Mind

The audio engineer assumed the problem was at my end. So did I. I’m intropunitive, into self- blame, at least when it comes to media technology snafus. But ultimately, it wasn't really my fault.

Whitney Houston: The Song, the Movie, the Death

But, wait a minute! Maybe what I just wrote is simply pietistic, feel good, nice, nice bullshit? Maybe it just absolves our pop culture gods of their really bad choices, immersing themselves in really bad relationships and listening to really bad counsel.

Writer's Block and Suicide in Film

I quickly realized I was waist-deep in a quagmire of misdirected science. A psychology book on film suicides with an anal personality.

My Growing Fury at the Sounds of Media

In the beginning there was the word. Apparently, the beginning has ended and audible, unadorned, intelligible words have become bastard children searching for a home in a storm of sound and fury, signifying...

The Penn State Scandal Continues, but Will the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Penn State did not rape the children. One man did! Penn State did not enact the cover-up. Some men did! It won't matter. There will be blood extracted in State College, PA.
Paterno, Penn State, and Pedophilia

Paterno, Penn State, and Pedophilia

What did Joe say to Sandusky after he was told the horrific news? He had to have contacted Sandusky, didn't he?

The 9/11 Rescue: Evacuating Manhattan When Panic is Reality Testing

People went running for their lives to the ports and docks to secure that vital passage. It was a scrambling, desperate, frightened chaotic escape. Fellow New Yorkers saw the need swelling and rose up to meet it.