Professional Handling of Title IX Sexual Misconduct

Sexual harassment and discrimination make trained Title IX GateKeepers essential. Here’s why.

Managing Sexual Harassment and Violence On Campus

Understanding Title IX and Clery is a professional imperative. Learn the procedures to correctly handle sexual assault and violent behavior on campus.

Online Learning: A Tour de Force for Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management tip: Online courses can be a tour de force for making up losses due to enrollment declines. Use online strategically in your management planning. Must Read!

How Are You Smart?

Critical thinking reveals more about multiple intelligences and offers new opportunities for success. You are generally smart in special areas. Must Read!

The Habit Replacement Loop

Replace your bad habits with good ones! New research on habit formation offers information on how to improve student success by establishing a new normal in learning.

Veterans Resource Centers: “Déjà Vu All Over Again!”

Returning veterans will shape our nation’s future in many of the same ways that returning WWII veterans did. Veterans' Resource Centers are a smart investment.

Converging Advances in Online Learning: OTT, OER, and OEI

Online learning & distance education are transforming through “Over-The-Top-Technologies” (OTT) vehicles for new offerings enhancing the integration of (OER) in “Online-Education."

Explaining Media Psychology in 2017

Media influence on people is like "The Blob"... oozing everywhere. Media Psychologists are the professionals that study the effect of media on behavior everywhere.

MRIs Reveal Unconscious Bias in the Brain

Unconscious bias has been identified, observed and validated in brain studies using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology. Unconscious bias is now acknowledged. A must read!

Twelve Habits to Help You Become a Successful CEO

There are twelve performance psychology tips on which experienced college CEO’s agree. Performance psychologies are central to success and leadership in college administration.

Discrimination, Crime and Media Reporting on Campus

Times are changing. Planning is Learning. Safety, security and equity are essential in enabling students to succeed.

The Psychology of Dual Enrollment: The K14 Model

Dual enrollment offers a pathway that enables high school students to concurrently enroll in college courses and earn credits toward high school diploma and a college degree.

Finding the Truth through Forensic Media Psychology

Soon, law schools, schools of psychology, television, media and film, bus schools and schools of public policy will offer courses, certificates&degrees in Forensic Media Psych.

Forensic Media Psychology and a Camera in Every Pocket!

Forensic Media Psychology (FMP) is an important sub-specialty in psychology. Citizen video and a camera in every pocket is causing a cultural reset. A Must Read!

Understanding PTSD, TBI, Suicide and Student Veteran Success

Research confirms that a veteran's transition from the intensity of military life to a more independent civilian life can be overwhelming. A must read to understand why!

MRI’s Light Media Psychology in Your head!

Media Psychology has evolved, requires understanding. We are increasingly influenced by media worldwide. Media Psychology is a field of study whose time is now.

(POPP) Police Orientation and Preparation Program

The Police Orientation Preparation Program (POPP) should be replicated across the United States.

Using Media to Monitor, Measure & Mentor Children

The Moorpark College Child Development Center (CDC) in California is a showplace. The program has integrated new technology into its assessment strategy to help teach children.

Where Man Goes, So Goes the Rule of Law

In June 2014, I interviewed Michael Singer, Esq., as he prepared for a discussion with the Ventura County Astrological Society Moorpark College in California.
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PCSD: Positive Commencement Success Decisions

As you graduate from college earning your Certificate, AA, BA, MA or doctoral degree, you face a series of post commencement success decisions. (PCSD) decisions are your future.

Where Are the Leaders in Media Psychology and Media Studies?

The American Psychological Association, Society for Media Psychology and Technology (Division 46), pursues new initiatives in media psychology and media studies.
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From Buck Rogers to Big Bucks

As we experience previously fantasized galactic functioning, media and communications psychology and technology will be increasingly central to our world of the future.

Stinking Thinking and Expectation Bias

The words “stinking thinking” may sound a bit pejorative or even a little funny, but there isn't anything funny about proven tactics designed to negatively influence you.

How Are You Smart?

The Media Psychology Effect merges the influences of multiple intelligence's, diverse learning styles, various forms of access to learning through technology. A must read!.

“If I Had a Better Brain!”

. “Change your brain, change your life.” A must read!

“A Shot Heard ‘Round the World”

The George Zimmerman-Treyvon Martin case exemplifies colliding cultural worlds. This article analyzes the unique implications of the case and the issues it showcased.

EDEN and “The Joy of Learning”

Distance educators in media and learning psychology throughout Europe and the Americas gathered to share research, ideas and visions about worldwide distance education.A must read!

E = "Education and Ecstasy"

This article examines developments in brain science, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) & brain plasticity in the context of media studies and media psychology. Must read!

Building an Executive Coaching Practice in Media & Education

Coaching is an emerging professional specialty. Coaching includes training, consulting, managing, counseling in commerce and includes providing guidance in family systems.

Defining and Describing Media Psychology

Media Psychology and understanding media effects is fundamental to 21st century media literacy. Must read!