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Have a “Happy New Year” by Avoiding a Fixation on Happiness

Are you looking forward to the New Year? If not, a shift in your attitude and focus of attention can help.

Life Doesn't Just Happen to Us

Are you resistant to change? If you want things to stay the same, then something is going to have to change.

Why Am I Here?

How do you want to be remembered?
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What's the World Coming to?

Where would Aesop be if he had been unable to craft his stories, each fable fitting a definite moral?
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Discovering Meaning Through "The Village"

Do you feel a sense of connection and belonging in your neighborhood and work community?
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From Russia with Love

If we don’t emphasize what connects us, we will be divided.

To Forgive or Not to Forgive

If you don’t learn from unavoidable suffering, then your life becomes meaningless.
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Lifting the Fog of Fear

The film of your life is still being shot.

Good Intentions Aren't Enough

In our failures we can find tremendous meaning, and only in meaning do our failures have a useful legacy.
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Answering Life's Call

Do you recognize that you are being questioned by life? Here is some guidance to help you find answers.
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Life’s Imaginary Prison Bars

"Prison bars imagined are no less solid steel."

True Optimism and the Path to Meaning

Do you believe that life just happens to you? A lesson in true freedom can help you cope.

The Meaning of Friendship in a Social Networked World*

Do you have relationships through which you are able and willing to disclose your authentic self—close thoughts, intimate feelings, and sensitive vulnerabilities, including fears?

The Crisis of Meaning

Now is the time to address the crisis of meaning in life, work, and society.