Is Militarism a Disease?

Violence in your everyday life you didn't even notice.

The South Rises Again

Recent racism can be seen as a re-enactment of the trauma of the Civil War by slave-owner descendants, and those who identify with them.

What a School Can Do after a Shooting

What institutional actions aid victims' families after a school shooting?

Do Morals Come from the Head or Heart?

Do moral decisions come from the head or heart?

Talking to Terrorists

In our age of terrorism diplomacy must speak to the irrational aspects of man.

Psychoanalysis Today

Do concerns about money prevent you from gaining in depth self knowledge?

Neglect and Creative Resilence

Creative resilience after a childhood of neglect.

The Inside Out of American identity

Erikson reflects on the disunity of the United States.

Betrayal and Abandonment in Therapy

When sudden death, suicide, or a sexual advance shatters the clinical alliance.

The Importance of Goodbye

We live in a society that resists acts of communal mourning, so we avidly watch when TV broadcasts the death of a famous person.

Psychoanalysis Is a History of Storytelling

Psychoanalysis is part of the history of storytelling.

How Drug Addiction Impacts Infant Care

Drug abuse short circuits neural connections between child and caregiver.

The Female Artist in Society

"Do women have to be naked to get into the Metropolitan Museum?” ask the Gorilla Girls.

Charlie Hebdo and Group Regression

Some culturally-determined psychological elements contributing to the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Meet the Enemy: It Is Us

By owning your aggression you can turn it to good use.

Notes on Biographical Writing

To write biography is to become another person's habitat and part of the history of storytelling.

Playing in Sculptural Space

When the spectator's body completes an artwork

What Do You Search for in a Work of Art?

Two visual artists tap into spiritual states of being.

When a Painting Opens a Spiritual Path

When art functions as a holding environment like maternal care holds the infant, it encourages integration, one's claim to their own perception and creation of meaning.

The Curious Journey of a Psychology Intern

When clinical training doesn't prepare someone for the symptomatology of their mental health institution.

A Memoir of Childhood Trauma and Survival

What Aharon Appelfeldand's "The Story of a Life" says about childhood memory and creativity.

Israel, Through A Tale Darkly

Reviewing Amos Oz's memoir "A Tale of Love and Darkness" in light of current events in the Middle East.

Freud Meets C.S. Lewis

What happens when a time machine transports us to an imaginary meeting between Sigmund Freud and Oxford professor C.S. Lewis?

Pink Freud

What does psychoanalysis have to say to someone trans or queer?

Resilience and Other Miracles

Resilience is adapting well to change or traumatic experience

Generosity and Its Pathological Variants

When giving disguises other motives.

War Fatigues as Art

Veterans transform fatigues into art and communicate military wounds.

Violence and Social Action

Exploring "American" character and social trauma.

How Holding a Gun Inhibits Mentalization

Give a man a gun and his testosterone goes up.