The Triggering Effect Part 5: Loss

By the time you get to recovery, you have had multiple losses in your life, often related to childhood, many times due to being raised with abuse, addiction, mental illness, etc.

The Triggering Effect Part 4: Feelings

Recovery is the ability to tolerate your feelings without the need to medicate, or engage in self-destructive or self-defeating behaviors and thoughts. 

The Triggering Effect Part 2: Romanticizing the Behaviors

Romanticizing involves glamorizing using behaviors and, in the moment, totally forgetting about the negative consequences. 

The Triggering Effect Part 3: Resentments

Resentments are like burrs in a saddle blanket, if you don't get rid of them they fester into an infection.

The Triggering Effect

Once the roller coaster car gets to a certain spot in the track, a threshold is met, there is no turning back, and it starts the downward loop - a relapse.