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The Pleasure Principle

“Strike Two.” cried the umpire. I threw one more pitch. He swung hard, but the ball just dribbled right back to the pitcher’s mound. I picked it up and gently tossed it to the first baseman for the out. As the batter turned back toward the dugout, his team captain stepped out and screamed, “Darrell, you’ve got to get over your fear of this guy!”

Don’t Get Stuck in Reverse

I love this quote by Gandalf the Gray from the book Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, “When we despair we cease to choose well.  We give in to short cuts.”  It’s so true and we all know that we have been guilty of it at some point in our lives.

What Drives Your Desire?

It was love at first sight.  I was a 15 year old working as a parking lot cashier, when a brand new car pulled up to the booth.  I’d never seen anything like it; it was a new model from Toyota called Celica.  Approaching the legal driving age, I dreamed of owning a car.  Now my dream had a form.

Defeating the De-Motivator

The sweet strains of a Puccini aria cut through the Saturday night clatter of the busy Italian restaurant in New York City, but it wasn’t coming from the aging voice of the Sicilian baritone who was hired to belt out favorites like Funiculi-Funicula. It was a soprano whose crystal clear voice filled the room. Within moments all the ambient noise came to a halt. Diners stopped eating and talking, busboys stopped clearing tables, the cooks even came out of the kitchen. Singing on the tiny stage was the skinny moon-faced waitress from Ohio.
The Most Powerful Motivator

The Most Powerful Motivator

I was abruptly awakened and told, “The house is on fire. Go outside! As I ran out of my bedroom and into the hall my socks slipped on the polished oak floor. A guiding hand helped me keep my footing and a frantic voice urged, “Hurry! Hurry!” As I got to the door I looked over my shoulder and saw flames leaping out of the heating grate on the floor.
Will You Freak-Out or Hunker Down?

Will You Freak-Out or Hunker Down?

Will You Freak-Out or Hunker Down? Sometimes motivation is forced upon us.  We are thrust into the Un-comfort Zone.  And, whether we sink or swim depends on how we respond to the situation.  How do you react during a crisis? Here are the stories of two men who faced a crisis late in life and how they dealt with it.

What’s Pushing Your Buttons?

Jeanne Louise Calment's burning desire enabled her to do something that no other human being has done before.  A feat so spectacular that it generated headlines around the globe, got her a role in a motion picture, and landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records.  A record that has yet to be beaten.