Don’t Be an ASSumer

If you find yourself hurt or angry from an assumption, then you are giving into fear. That is your issue. Now is the time to examine your fear and deal directly with it.

It’s Not About You

Don’t take it personally when someone puts you down. Don’t assume you know what is going on inside of their head. They have their own issues which they are likely projecting onto you.

Words vs. Actions

When someone, whom we consider to be an authority, tells us something - good or bad - about ourselves, we accept it and make it part of our internal belief system. ... And, then there are actions...

Feeling Good

The trick is recognizing the negative thoughts as soon as they begin before they have a chance to dominate your thinking and turn your good feelings into bad ones.

Procrastination Is Really About Fear

Getting all your ducks in a row before you can start is a problem with perfectionism. And, perfectionism is procrastination. You are procrastinating because you have a fear of failure. You are looking at the big picture, when all you need to look at is the first step.
Free Your Mind From Worry

Free Your Mind From Worry

Worry stems from our fear of the unknown. It is the anticipation of potential negative outcomes. Worry in small doses is normal. It is tied to our sense of caution. Too much worry, however, creates stress; and stress shuts down our ability...

Innovation is About Mind Set and Lifestyle

Thinking like an innovator means exposing yourself to unusual things, new experiences, and different points of view. It’s a lifestyle that sets the stage for creative thinking. New concepts generally come from...
Resilience Trumps Resistance

Resilience Trumps Resistance

In order to be resilient, you must change your perspective. Here are some things I’ve found that you can do to change your perspective and begin to accept the changes going on in your life.

Bully Victims are Created by Unstable Households

The torture device looked medieval. It was wedge-shaped, and about the size of a large bread box. It appeared to be made of dark gray iron, and sat upon a wheeled cart. I could see the platform on which an innocent child’s hands would be placed, as well as the knobs that were used for cranking down the heavy metal lid which would squeeze flesh and bone until broken.
Authentic Leaders Don’t Need Power to Rule

Authentic Leaders Don’t Need Power to Rule

One of the challenges of being a leader to volunteers is that you do not have the traditional inducements of the carrot and the stick. You must motivate with authenticity. The good news is, that once you learn how, you will be able to use this method even when you do have the traditional ones.

Leaders AIM

Whether they are in business, non-profit, or politics, leaders have AIM - my acronym for the three characteristics of good leaders.

Warning: Your Self-Beliefs are NOT Secret!

Self-perception will affect the outcome of your pursuits and can determine success or failure.

Tick-Tock... Talent, Opportunity, and Stuff

We are frequently reminded to live as if today is our last. However as a motivational mantra that saying has become cliché. The problem with overstated wisdom is that it loses its impact.

Boundaries 101

I did not know how to set boundaries on the lengths to which I would go to insure the happiness of my lover.
I Wonder What Will Happen if I...

I Wonder What Will Happen if I...

Tom’s board spun out from under his feet as he attempted to surf the large wave. As he plunged backward into the roiling surf, he was frustrated once again by the lack of stability from his traditional Hawaiian style surfboard.
The Perfect Poison to Success

The Perfect Poison to Success

I kept thinking that at some point I would accumulate enough knowledge that I could do the work fearlessly. Instead, I spent tons of time in preparation, and little time in actually doing. As a result I failed.

Bullies and Victims are Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

Bullies and their victims are opposite sides of the same coin. The problem for both of them is essentially the same. They both crave positive recognition, but they both lack self-confidence and the social skills to acquire what they need. The solution is twofold...

Bullied into Conformity

When children do not conform or are genuinely unique (in whatever way), the other children will pitch in by bullying them back into conformity. Those on the sidelines learn quickly what is expected and what will not be tolerated.

WAIT! Is There a Better Problem?

Innovation takes time, and if the goal is making money, then the biggest part of that time should be devoted to finding a problem which satisfies the greatest number of people.

The Crash After the Crush

I was driven by my severe emotional pain to seek answers, because I never wanted to feel that bad again. I didn’t know where to begin, so I set off on what I called a journey of self-discovery.

Does PAIN make you 'Goose It' or 'Hit the Brakes?'

I started thinking about people who have extreme and chronic pain, and how seriously demotivating it can be. As Samuel Johnson, the 18th century English essayist, once observed, “Those who do not feel pain seldom think that it is felt .” Through my own pain, I was beginning to develop some empathy for those who live with it every day.

Surprise: Creativity is a Skill not a Gift!

If you can add a monetary motivator to solving the thing that irritates you - you will have found the second most popular way that people are likely to be creative!
Facebook Drama Triangle

Facebook Drama Triangle

Facebook is a breeding ground for drama. For me, the trick is learning when people actually want my help, and whether or not it is really needed.

Outsourcing Innovation

Busy people are seldom innovators because creative thinking takes time. Some are outsourcing their need for new ideas to creative think tanks. London's Great Ormond Street Hospital took their patient transfer problem to the Ferrari racing team's pit crew for answers.

Fear vs. Power

An individual’s motivation for power is to acquire control over his environment. A certain amount of controlling behavior is a healthy natural survival instinct, but after a point it becomes harmful. When that happens normal survival is no longer the motivator. Underlying the quest for power is fear, and the desire for power is to eliminate fear. The more fearful a person

BUCK the Status Quo

When we attend the movies we frequently engage in a willing suspension of disbelief, which enables us to accept implausible scenarios, and enjoy the show. Some people, however, don’t leave that ability at the theater door.

If You're Watching the Clock, You're not Thinking Creatively

It’s rare that an idea drops fully formed into someone’s head. Even when it seems that way there are countless hours of experience that paved the way for that idea to form. Most ideas begin with a problem that needs to be solved. Other times you have to seek out the problem. Here's how...

Creative-Thinking Crashes Without This Characteristic

If you have a sense of adventure, then you are already on the road to becoming an innovator. There is always some level of risk in trying something new. At a minimum, you may not enjoy it. Perhaps we fear, what C.S. Lewis noted in this quote, “Experience is the most brutal of teachers. But, you learn, by God, you learn.”
It’s Your Pride and Vanity, Stupid

It’s Your Pride and Vanity, Stupid

Too often we allow our self-consciousness - our fear that people may judge us negatively - to keep us from taking risks or trying new things.
Don't Hold Back... STOP Over-Thinking It!

Don't Hold Back... STOP Over-Thinking It!

When you believe you can do something - you don’t really think about it - you just do it. It’s the thinking about it that sometimes holds you back. If there is something you want to do, but haven’t tried, then break it down. What parts of it do you believe you can do? What parts do you believe you can’t do? Next...