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How Screwing Up Can Boost Your Influence

He didn’t appear polished in any way. He literally almost fell off the stage. But when it was all over, more than half of the room rushed back to buy his product. Why?
Tim David

Why the Vegas Shooting Happened

What could make somebody commit a massacre? More importantly, how do we respond?

Nine Biggest Negotiation Mysteries Solved

The nine most popular questions about how to negotiate—and the answers.

A Sneaky Idea for Your Next Staff Meeting

Have you ever left a regular staff meeting feeling fantastic and energized? Probably not. Fortunately, Ron Friedman, the author of The Best Place to Work, has an idea.

Thinking Away Unwanted Thoughts

Don't bother telling yourself not to worry. It will never work. Instead, do this.

How to Give a Persuasive Speech

Why is public speaking SO HARD? Ever wish for a simple formula to do it more effectively and more persuasively? Here are my tips from a lifetime of blowing into microphones.
Tim David

Confident or Cocky?

How can you have confidence without being seen as cocky or arrogant?

The 7 Ways Donald Trump Influenced Voters' Brains

In shock over Donald Trump's presidential victory? These are the scientific reasons why Americans really voted for him.

Before You Give Up on Someone...

Is "relationship grit" more important than chemistry, connection, or even love?

Boosting Someone's Confidence in 5 Steps

It's heartbreaking to watch a child or anyone else suffer through life with a complete lack of confidence. Here are five steps to help you inspire confidence in others.

7 Ways to Deal With a Chronic Complainer

The chronic complainer. Nothing's ever good enough for them. They love to focus on problems and ignore solutions. This person might be a customer, an employee, a student, a co-worker, a child, or a spouse. On some days, it seems like it's everyone all at once. How can you effectively deal with these people without resorting to violence or sedatives? Here's the plan:

How Being a Magician Taught Me About Being Wrong

My story is the same as every magician's story. I discovered magic when I was a middle school student. I've since learned a lot about illusion and here's my confession

Your Brain's Off Switch

What if there are "buttons" in the brain that could make us more motivated, more focused, or more wise with our choices? What if we could learn to gently push these buttons to motivate others, make them more productive, or to make them like and respect us more?

The World's Biggest Boss Blunder

In this article, I'm going to give you a magic word that is going to make you less horrible of a boss, and it's going to to save your company from making a major blunder.

Part Two: Four Words that Get Buy-In

Here in part two, I’ll cover the next three words that can increase buy-in in even the most change resistant employees.

Part One: Four Words that Get Buy-In

Sometimes your message is right on. Sometimes you've just got to change the "packaging" so that your message is received instead of resisted. Here is the first of four words I use to create impossible amounts of engagement and enthusiasm in people where seemingly none existed before.

How to Ask for Something in an Email

Asking for help is hard enough without having to put it into email form, which is completely devoid of those handy non-verbal communication elements. How can you ask for help effectively without sounding needy, entitled, or worse, getting ignored entirely? These tips should help.

The Most Important Word You'll Ever Use

What if I told you you were completely ignoring THE most important word in the English language? What if ignoring this has been causing you undue pain and stress and creating tense situations with other people that could have easily been avoided? If you're like most people, you've been missing out on a key to success in life and you don't even know it.
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Lincoln the Manipulator?

The Gettysburg Address. In just the first sentence alone, Lincoln delivers four distinct psychological strategies designed to persuade and influence his audience. Here are the four hidden "magic words" he placed there.
The 6 Anti-Resolutions You Should Have Made for 2015

The 6 Anti-Resolutions You Should Have Made for 2015

If most of your normal resolutions have fallen by the wayside, here’s a list of six anti-resolutions that are actually worth keeping. Science (and experience) has shown that keeping these can make you happier, healthier, and more connected. Why wait till next year?

7 Things to Stop Saying to Your Teen Immediately

If you are frustrated by your teenagers, then it might be because you’re saying the wrong things to them. Phrases that may have worked when they were children aren’t working now. Here’s a list of seven things you should stop saying to your teen immediately.